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RE: HOLD Your GRC - the Research Coin! We have a Long Way to Go!

in #gridcoin5 years ago

SPARC technically hasn't had its ICO yet. It has its ICO starting January 15 and runnning through mid-FEb. See their website.

But...alas...I would love to see GRC at $1.00...The problem I have is how the heck do I handle the taxes, haha - it's so difficult to knock the acquisition date when it's worth more than all the bitcoin that you used to purchase it...


SPARC definitely had at least 2 ICO rounds already when I first looked at them months ago. They may have re-labelled that differently now. If that is the case, I am even more suspicious of the whole thing.

Nope, they canceled the ICO rounds and left it in pre-funding because they weren't hitting their targets. January 15th is the new launch date for the ICO crowdsale.

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