Free money because 2 BOINC projects do not provide (enough) work -> situation ongoing since 5-7 days

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Since about 5 days users on [email protected] do not get WUs anymore, and since 7 days TN-Grid has same/similar problems

  • read the above links: so far only the TN-Grid admin has provided reasons for the problems; unfortunately: no word from the Asteroids admin

The RAC (recent average credit) is used to give Gridcoin users their reward/money via the magnitude:

  • e.g. when only a few users get work from BOINC project B1, those are lucky, b/c they can increase their RAC, while others at B1 can not. 
  • or when no one gets work then all can "ride on free magnitude" and use their hardware meanwhile for another BOINC project

I looked at the top20 accounts from the Gridcoin team from both projects, and:

  • these 4 accounts appear in both top20 lists

As you can see these 4 pools/users get 50% or more of the project's RAC. They would "profit" the most from the current situation (no or not enough work).

Erkan (find me on IRC and twitter)


Erkan, the build-up of RAC didn't happen overnight.

Some users in the grcpools have been crunching for weeks to reach the RAC level and when the project is now un-whitelisted they would lose out because their magnitude suddenly disappears. In case somebody would stop with a normal running project, they would still have the magnitude benefit from the project even though they don't participate in this project anymore.

On the other hand, I do agree with you that the amount of GRC distributed per 1k RAC will get gradually out of sync in time and unfairly distributed. So as long as it is for a limited number of days, I wouldn't consider it a "ride on free magnitude".

The idea of RAC -> GRC is deeply flawed and hopefully will change to a more direct relationship between compute and reward

I agree, would be good if this could be changed moving forward.

read the above links: so far only the TN-Grid admin has provided reasons for the problems; unfortunately: no word from the Asteroids admin

Got a recent direct link to the tn-grid admin providing info? Following your steem links yielded no such info.

Asteroids: Tasks in progress 102347
TN-Grid: Tasks in progress 39412

So it's not free money, because they're actually performing the computation.

I do believe that projects utilizing a small quantity of users is a concern regarding the validity of returned work, however that's a risk which they have accepted and is not of our concern.

If they're acting fraudulently then their accounts will be banned.

By forcing projects out of the whitelist you are attacking another user's earnings, potentially many small users who haven't staked in the last few weeks would be affected.

wonderful post

Good. Let's remove them. I don't know why everyone clamors to have their marginal pet projects included and treated as equals. There should probably only be about 10 projects in the list.

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