No new/enough work offered at BOINC project [email protected] (since at least 10h)

in #boinc4 years ago (edited)

Since about 11h there seems to be no new WUs offered anymore at [email protected] :-(

[email protected] is a BOINC project from the Astronomical Institute, Charles University in Prague, and others... and tries to solve the lightcurve inversion problem for asteroids.

It is 1 of the 25 whitelisted projects where Gridcoin users can get rewards for.

 Erkan (find me on IRC and twitter)


  • the last time Asteroids had no WUs was in September during their planned maintainance.

since about 1h:

  • Asteroids is again not offering new WUs :-(
  • interestingly also: the "in progress" stats remained same (270078)

104,748 WU's on offer at the moment.

Crunching an Asteroid task as we speak and about 25ish in queue :-)

still no WUs after 24h, posted in their forum also

November 2 (04:47 UTC+2): there are WUs again

  • 832197 WUs ready to send, 232904 in progress

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