new release: Gridcoin version (not mandatory, but important)

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              Gridcoin version is ready!

For Windows users specifically:            

  • the new Windows installer is soon downloadable from here,
  • or you can update from within your Windows client

All other users:            

  • can find the source code here OR: 
  • upgrade from their used location (e.g. package managers, once the  responsible person for those package managers made the new version  available)

Changes in this version are (more detailed here and changelog):        

  • Fixed Neural Network handling of 404 errors (causing incomplete superblocks), 
  • and bug causing it to skip Rosetta

Keep in mind this is NOT a mandatory release      

  • the last mandatory was: version (released on 2017 April 2)
  • but... if you're running WINDOWS it would help us when you install this new

Please tell us when you experience problems!            


the fix for this is:

change in file:

  • src/rpcblockchain.cpp
    like this.

or ideally: just grab the Gridcoin source code again

The changes in are Windows client related (SB stuff):

  • since linux is still only treated as 2nd-class in this matter, the is not that important for linux users, so to speak... you could also "just" continue running

I wouldn't say it is treated as 2nd class. It's just that there was no changes in the Linux code. It was all the VB.NET that had changed.

The reason there is no update for Linux is because there is no code change for any of the functions for linux since they aren't running that part of the code that requires it. They can of course update to the latest version trough GitHub, but it won't be anything that is necessary.

Linux isn't treated "second class". The reason that Neural Network isn't included in the Linux version is because the code was made to work mainly on Windows because Rob (initial creator of Gridcoin) was more familiar with the way to do it on Windows compatible code.

Anyone that asks in the development channels can understand that this is a high priority for the new volunteer development team. The change is VERY big and takes quite some time to complete. The code isn't going out to main until it has been tested enough to be ready. This takes time.

Please get your facts straight.

Keep up the good work !!

The guys in development are working as cogently as possible to track and repair any bugs that may have occurred.

A lot of the code they are sifting through is inherited and does take time to 'process'.

Keep up the good work, I have faith that you will resolve any of the difficulties we may face now and in the future.


Really appreciate that you guys are putting that much work into the project.
Keep it up.

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