interview guide with BOINC admins

in gridcoin •  3 years ago  (edited)

Due to steemit's 30-days-edit policy, the new version is available here.

We are searching for BOINC admins, moderators, ... who want to talk about their projects (see also here).

Please reply (with desired time and your BOINC project) so you can be scheduled.

So far we had invited guests from:



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i'll be there with bells on!

i'll try to think of some good questions before tomorrow morning, and post them here beforehand - reading the suggested list now -

thank you for getting all of these interviews together, as well as mediating them, @erkan. i think we're on the path to really doing some good stuff for #BOINC now. :)

There is now a #gridcoin-mumble freenode channel with a Mumble-IRC chat bridge bot!

Users can follow along with the chat, ask questions, and see links without having to leak their IP. I going to try to start simulcasting on Talkshoe... this way people can listen along as well while remaining anonymous. It also acts as a transcription tool. :D