interview guide with BOINC admins (v2)

4 months ago
59 in gridcoin

We are searching for BOINC admins, moderators, ... who want to talk about their projects (see also here).

Please reply (with desired time and your BOINC project) so you can be scheduled.

So far we had invited guests from:


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  ·  4 months ago

open to newbies like me or only gurus. i keep my pc on for ibm world grid but dont understand exactly what goes on in relation to grid coin

  ·  4 months ago

As the title suggests: we invite guest speakers (BOINC admins, moderators, ...) to talk about their BOINC projects. Anybody can join those sessions and talk with them.

As a listener: we offer the audio files for later listening, so you can listen there when you missed a session.

We have also regular community hangouts where you can join, see the next one is on March 18

Info about Gridcoin you can find on or news, ... at: (see the IRC link there also)