BOINC users crunching YAFU: temporarily switch to another BOINC project

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August 11: 

  • YAFU is back again! Thanks yoyo!
  • see also here


The YAFU admin was informed about his BOINC server being down (see also this) and he said now:

  • he'll be back only on weekend :-( 
  • Let's see if the problem gets solved sooner than that... I'll keep you informed here about status changes. 

Some of the effects being for:

all BOINC users:

  • your finished WUs will not be uploaded, but: I assume the YAFU admin will still credit you for them since the delivery time will be passed
  • you will get no new work, thus: select another BOINC project from the whitelist meanwhile
  • since YAFU users look for new projects, you will get increased competition

Gridcoin users:

  • YAFU will not be in the superblock meanwhile (it's already missing in the current SB). In theory, once YAFU gets back soon into the SB, all SHOULD BE FINE (since your magnitude should be remembered).
  • The increased competition in other BOINC projects now, will mean some Gridcoin users will temporarily get less magnitude. Boincstats tells there are 111 active YAFU users in team Gridcoin (total: 363 users).
  • And actually, since YAFU users keep their magnitude/RAC, thus for them now is a good chance to get some additional magnitude (by crunching other projects). This is :-( and :-)

Keep on crunching!


He'll be back on the weekend? Hope all goes well with this server. I'm sure management is on the phone with him right now trying to solve this. Yikes.

You can get credit for work delivered some time after it's starting deadline. Seeing as this is only a few days, crunchers should be credited as per normal without the admin of the server having to change anything.

Although BOINC projects whitelisted by Gridcoin usually have enough work, it is a good idea to have at least one project attached as backup. By setting resource share to 0, BOINC client will only crunch that project if there is not enough work available for the rest of projects.