Did you notice an UNEXPECTED magnitude/reward drop in the new superblock? => Stake only as investor, temporarily

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To those that notice in the last SB (977511) an UNEXPECTED decrease  in their magnitude/rewards (e.g. 1/3rd less ?), it was suggested in chat today  by a dev that people should  

  • stake only as investors (and not with PoR) until the next SB:  
    • to not get less (about 1/3rd) of their deserved PoR rewards

What happened, actually?  

  • to help fix the SB situation (>186h for the SB, see here) a group of helpers (devs, ...) created this SB in a special created Gridcoin version. It was added a boost to meet the average magnitude requirements.
  • The added placeholder lowered seemingly the mag unit and upped the total network magnitude

What to do ?  

  • stake as investor (Do NOT let your wallet closed until this situation is "fixed"! Why? With your investor mode the net weight stays high and you still secure the network)  
    • how to do that ?
    • 1. exit your wallet
    • 2. uncomment your email (or set the boincdatadir=foo) in your gridcoinresearch.conf file
    • 3. of course remember what you did in step b), so you can revert it later
    • 4. start your wallet and make sure you see below picture after a few minutes (indicating you are an investor)

Investor mode until when ?  

  • the devs are working on a fix, stay tuned on the usual communication channels where you read this very info (e.g. forum, reddit, IRC, slack, telegram (can be accessed via IRC also), twitter, ...)

Keep in mind:  


  • Doing so (investor only) might RISK not being paid if one of the BOINC projects are not in the whitelist anymore:  
  • Also, not everyone should go investor mode!  
    • ONLY when you noticed your rewards/magnitude dropped unexpectedly (e.g. other reasons could be: more competitors joined the research projects you help out, ...)

Allow me to clarify a few things:

  • The most recent superblock has in no way unfairly affected the magnitude of any users on the network. However, most people will have experienced a decrease in magnitude. This is a result of the influx of new users who have also begun mining, thus resulting in the rewards pool being shared with more people. Over the last 5 days, almost 100 new CPIDs have been registered with the network.

  • You are correct that there is a small drop in rewards that is NOT a result of the magnitude drop. To be specific, the mag_unit variable (the conversion factor from magnitude to Gridcoin payout per day) of the current SB is slightly lower than it should be as a result of the temporary fix. This will be back to normal in the very near future, either the next SB or the next mandatory client update depending on how the development team proceeds with the solution implementation.

Thank you very much for that well needed clarification.

I like toast 🍞


  • and it fell again to 0.175 (see here)

The mag unit rose from 0.15 to 0.2!

  • If you were running in investor mode (see above), this could be interpreted as a good sign to stake again with (D)POR !

Happy staking!

I'm not sure it's a good idea to switch to investor mode.

Yes, you could switch and wait up-to 2 weeks for the mag unit to be fixed, but you could lose a lot of magnitude within that time due to the increase in competition.

Personally, I'm going to keep staking even if I'm paid slightly less.

Same with me. I believe the benefits of staking to the blockchain outweigh the slightly less earnings I might get. I also believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that any benefit you get by making this move ultimately comes out of everybody else's pockets (due to the fixed daily PoR rewards). If switching to investor benefits you, it seems that would have to cost others.

At any rate, I don't think we should be spamming all the GRC channels with this advice. It's ambiguous, at best.

please also see the replies (soon to come) here

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I like toast 🍞

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