RE: Why I am Very Disappointed by the Upcoming V8 Removal of the Magnitude Component of the Gridcoin Staking Weight

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Why I am Very Disappointed by the Upcoming V8 Removal of the Magnitude Component of the Gridcoin Staking Weight

in gridcoin •  2 years ago

So, not to belabor the point, but I want to be crystal clear, you did just say that this is indeed a debuff to researchers?
If that is the case, I want those that keep "informing" me it's not, to stick it and I pass that baton over to you, because, like I said, it's driving me nutso.
I will forever now say, lightheartedly, honest, "It is so because cm-steem / custom said so!"

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Oh, and I would be remorseful if I did not say this, thank you for coming by and addressing the various comments! I, and I hope others do as well, sincerely appreciate it :)

V8 is a buff to security, at the cost of a debuff to researchers.

I invite anyone to try fault that.

It's potentially a debuff in that if you were highly reliant on magnitude based stake weight, then you may experience a reduced staking frequency. The improvement of the network security is a serious buff which is worthy of the slight POR debuff.

The reality may be different from the theories being thrown around, because with wildly fluctuating and unpredicatble mag weight out of the picture it may actually be the case that small/medium stakers experience an increased rate of staking. We'll have to wait until after the mandatory upgrade to provide a clear answer to your question.

My posts are that of my own, I do not represent the gridcoin network rather myself & I did not personally develop the v8 mechanisms, so don't go quoting me as official gridcoin fact.


Yes, we are aware Brod developed the V8 "fix".

As for frequency of staking, I'm at day ten plus now, honestly should have probably staked around the millionth, didn't, oh well, bad luck, however we'll never know for certain, as one person made sure that he staked it and no one else.


Thomas staking the millionth isn't stopping you from staking right now, likewise there's no way for you to have estimated that you'd have otherwise staked the millionth block.

I don't see how this comment is beneficial to the discussion, it's somewhat irrelevant to my comment & your quote of 'fix' isn't present in my comment. Did you mean to post to a different comment?


No one can make that prediction, that is correct, I stated as much saying that we would never know.

I put quotation marks around fix, because of the points we disagree on that is is indeed a fix, nothing more.

Let's not be argumentative, but agree to disagree there. That would also explain my "foxes guarding the henhouse" comment earlier, as Brod initiated the exploit, and is credited with fixing or "fixing" it afterward.

How I choose to comment is entirely my own doing, if you wish to judge whether it is relevant to the discussion or not, by all means, do so, but I am honestly going to say detante whether you wish it or not and take some good advice I recently received and not fall any farther down this rabbit hole.