I have attained 1 Billion [email protected] BOINC Credits and #1 RAC - Update on the Hunt for a Pulsar!

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What you are looking at is the latest batch of neutron stars discovered by the BOINC project [email protected], which searches for incredible cosmological objects and gravitational waves. Bored of deciphering Nazi codes at [email protected], I joined the [email protected] neutron star search in full force a little over a month ago with my cluster. Today, I am stoked to announce some major milestones, despite still not having found a new pulsar:

  • I have crossed the 1 billion credit milestone, joining an elite group of people who have managed to do so. I would like to congratulate grcpool.com-1, who in just the past few hours has also achieved this incredible feat! Well done to all involved!

  • Just over 2 months after setting my sights on outcompeting the ATLAS cluster in Germany, the goal has been reached! A member of Team Gridcoin is now the top cruncher of [email protected], beating the project's own cluster! If someone would like to suggest something to put in my (currently empty) bio page to promote Gridcoin, I am very much open to suggestions.

I thought it would be interesting to see how much compute I am actually able to commit to the neutron star search, so I did the math:

  • Current RAC of 24,000,000
  • Flat credit payout of 3465 credits per coordinate analysed
  • Total compute size of 525,000 GFLOPs per coordinate in the sky

Together, that yields a total of 3.68 Exa-Floating Point Operations (EFLOPs) per day! Now, before anyone decides that is impressive, Team Gridcoin as a whole is far more insane! We boast a combined RAC of almost 90,000,000.

This means Team Gridcoin brings to bear an utterly staggering 13.8 ExaFLOPs/day of compute, on [email protected] alone!

At this rate, we will soon finish identifying all the neutron stars near the galactic core. [email protected] is already pointing its sister arrays in the other direction, towards deep space. The analysis of this data requires too much VRAM to run on most GPUs, so it can only be done on CPUs for now. As a result, there is a lot less competition for the moment. Maybe your chance to discover an astronomical anomaly for yourself?

Content Credit:
Pulsar Map, [email protected]



Outdoing Albert Einstein Institute at [email protected]!

Put the gridcoin.science link in your bio there and they will all come to us.

Good job!

I don't know what the hell you're doing, hunting for pulsars from home??!!? Whatever it is, it's AWESOME! Keep up the good work. I just read your BitShares post from about 6 months ago. Great stuff, following you now.

Almost - from my lab instead of home! I am a researcher working on a better understanding of Alzheimer's. We need a lot of compute power to solve our models of the brain, so we have a lot of hardware in the lab.

During the 'downtime' of that hardware, it does work for the project [email protected], which is just wrapping up its search for pulsars between us and the galactic core.

Thanks for the feedback! =)

Wow, just so so cool. I just checked out GridCoin based on your involvement. What another cool project, to back science research in a decentralized manner, if I understand it correctly.

Have you heard about the Hashgraph technology? It's another distributed ledger with a consensus algorithm that the developer, Swirlds, is leasing out to permissioned networks. It seems to have great promise as something to augment the blockchain form of DL and promises to be more secure, faster, and more fair. Wow, just when you thought blockchain was it, here comes another form of DL tech. I'm just astounded at the rapidity with which this space is evolving, almost akin to the expansion of the universe itself.

I'm also wondering if you have any experience around the use of Cannibidiol (CBD) from the Cannabis plant as it pertains to brain health and architecture, especially since you mention the work around Alzheimer's. I grew a crop of hemp for CBD this year and am excited to learn more about its healing potential. There's a post in my feed about it, not too far back...

Well, glad to have you on my radar now! Have a nice day.

gridcoin could be a little simpler although i suppose it didn't help i didnt really want 2 fully succeeded at mining it at the time and i was really tired not in the best mood yes mood affects ur iq

It has become tenfold easier to get started in recent months, thanks to the release of an open source pool - found here. You can get going from a cold start to being fully set up and 'mining' in less than half an hour. A video tutorial on that page will walk you through the steps.

Best part: this pool charges zero fees. The only thing you pay for is the transaction fee to withdraw your GRC, and that it utterly negligible.

Hey @krystal-paws. If you want to try again sometime, I suggest joining the pool first and following the instructional videos on GRCpool.com. Otherwise feel free to ask questions on Telegram, Facebook, Discord, Reddit or request and email invite to the Gridcoin Slack channel to ask questions there.

Albert would be proud.

Next goal: 10 billion? ;)

You don't need to answer this question, but: I'm curious what you crunch with. I tried to look on your [email protected] profile, but you have your computer on hidden mode. No problem with that, I respect your privacy.

I gave some details here, but will do a full tour of the lab some time in future. You are welcome to come visit my lab if you are ever in New Zealand - two members of the Gridcoin community have already done so. =)

This is interesting! I haven't watch videos yet, have one quick question, can I use Linux computer, or it has to be Windows based? Edit: looks like there is Boinc for Linux, cool ;-)

Since I answered on my question, here is another one, so I don't waste the comment ;-)
If you have a weak computer, are there any projects that are better suited for weak computers?

Try researching those projects with shorter work units that focuses on CPU, one of them would be World Community Grid. Basically, as long as you own a CPU, even using current phone (try searching BOINC in AppStore, but not recommended to do on daily phone, given the heat dissipated is a lot and reduce your phone life span) also can contribute in researching. You can look at the below link to find out all the whitelisted list.


Happy Boincing and Gridding.

You can use a temperature limit in the app itself for that , so no problem.

Ahh, missed your reply sorry. Saw it on time to still upvote you :-)
OK will start with World Community Grid first.
And have lots of reading to do ;-)

The thumb image interested me and I wanted to know when an by whom the pulsars were discovered. FGRP discoveries. The one with the Czech flag is from June 2015.

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