Cryptocurrency Tracker, BOINCstats Tracker & GridcoinStats Tracker for Rainmeter

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Hi folks,

since we're all number fetishists, I've created two Rainmeter skins some time ago that show GridcoinStats data and exchange rates from

This weekend I have set my turn and updated these skins.
And this time I wanna share it with all of you! :)

GridcoinStats Tracker:

  • Now uses the Gridcoin logo

Cryptocurrency Tracker:

  • Skin completely revised
  • Now supports two sources: and
  • You can use whatever combination you want (grc-usd, btc-eth, ltc-eur, doge-bro, ...)
  • - CoinMarketCap variants need full name as base and short name as target (bitcoin - usd, or ethereum - btc)
  • - Cryptonator variants need on both sides the short name
  • There are two views per source, one with a history graph which fills itself over time (since no API has currently this data)

And in addition, today I've created another tracker since there was not one for this purpose...

BOINCstats Tracker:

  • Displays some data of the BOINCstats page (set CPID in Settings page)
  • Two views, one also shows the contribution percentages

Hope you can do something with it :)

All skins are packed into a suite (contains two additional skins: Audio Visualizer, Top Processes) which can be extended with another suite to be a full system monitoring tool, see second screenshot (more details in rainmeter forum-thread).

But to start all you need is rainmeter itself ( + my suite and you're good to go.

Downloadable from github or DeviantArt:


Together with the above mentioned suite in my use case:usecase v1.1.1.PNG

Updated to v1.1.1

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Have a nice day.

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In the above posted screenshot the self made graph (calculated out of the given total price) was taken with a refresh-rate of 1 second, so it's more or less only a horizontal line.

That's how the graph looks like after 2h constant running with the default refresh-rate of 60s:
Reflects more or less the graphs on what a satisfying insight ^^

oooOOOOoooooooo numbers!!!!!! DATA!!!! mmmmm so nice.