Gridcoin TUI updates

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This weekend wasn't very productive, it took me lots of hours to achieve some improvement.

Hey guys, never drink Vodquila (vodka-tequila mix) with beer. o_O
I mean: NEVER :D :D :D

It kills your brain for days...

GrcTUI colorized

So finally we have some "design" here.

The terminal window resizing is working now, and we have our first unsolved bug here too:
If you try to resize the window by multiple times too quickly... Then you will get a 'segmentation fault' error and the whole thing crashes...

The good news are, the project currently has 2 translations!

And we have a daemon issue there... As it seems in the picture, I have 2 "unknown" transactions, which were really PoR interests.
But the daemon is reporting weird datas. For example my stake from 3th March:
(command: gridcoinresearchd gettransaction <txid> )

    "details" : [
            "involvesWatchonly" : true,
            "account" : "xxxxxx",
            "address" : "xxxxxx",
            "category" : "generate",
            "Type" : "Interest",
            "amount" : 2.31990124

It contains the data about what happened. (Generated interest, etc)

The same command produces the below output with the latest stakes:

    "details" : [

Of course the GUI wallet knows it's a 'Mined - PoR' transaction...
If anybody have an idea what's happening, and why, it will be really appreciated :) Now as I see, the only way to check if it's a PoR stake, to search for the "generated" property. But will it be enough?

If you would like to give it a try, create a translation or just play with the code:

I've got an advice last time to include a Grc address, if someone wants to donate the project.
So, here you are: S6VJxGuD1xx9fAQqVi7bf1e7GoybYsDCQQ



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Haha, for me tequila kills the entire weekend even without the vodka or the beer.
The wallet is looking much sexier now.
Perhaps just mark all the unknowns as 'Mined'?

I have thought about it, but I don't want to do it until I'm not 100% sure that every "unknowns" are really "mined" transactions. I think it needs some further testing with this.
Sexier? :D :D I'll pick up girls with this :D Heeey, look at my wallet :D LOL