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RE: Gridcoin Web Wallet and Android App Alpha

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@vortac, what's your overall opinion about things we are in need and would make an impact to some degree once built? I am looking for Ideas and trying to identify what's missing.


I mean generally speaking of grc...

Well, I am not a dev, so I can speak only in very general terms. Obviously, we need a safe and reliable solution which would allow us to scale to 4.6 million currently registered BOINC users. Easier said than done, yeah.

From a marketing perspective, I guess we need to offer some compensation here as well - perhaps less than for devs, but a compensation nevertheless. Pro marketers who are willing to work for free are very hard to find, as you can imagine, so our marketing efforts are sporadic and ad hoc, which is not the way you want to do marketing.

@vortac, that is Interesting. However I don't think we should ever allow to have scalability issue. What we have is one of the largest supper computer on earth in terms of processing power. If we have scalability issue, then it could come only from the organizational problems.

From the marketing perspective I think you are totally right. Most of the technology people, even worst, those from crypto world i talked to, usually had no idea of GRC, but after a brief description most jumped into it and did more research. However, this could be organizational problem as well, since most of us do have a channels that could be used to systematically promote GRC and stick to a plan.

Not sure how to overcome that, as it looks that key people that contributed the most are not stepping out with a plans to be executed. I'll try to make a few projects on my own and hopefully get other people to join and help me with that, but that would not overcome the core problem, as we - technology people still need leadership people to make everything in sync.

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