RE: Why I am Very Disappointed by the Upcoming V8 Removal of the Magnitude Component of the Gridcoin Staking Weight

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Why I am Very Disappointed by the Upcoming V8 Removal of the Magnitude Component of the Gridcoin Staking Weight

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Somewhere in here, I did want to address listening to the hangouts. I've never bothered with them, because the deaf might listen very well, but they don't hear anything. Stated because you hoped we listened to them, I personally can't.

If you're deaf you should read the RSVP threads where the topics which were discussed are roughly documented and full of relevant hyperlinks, likewise enabling subtitles on youtube is fairly accurate.

I raised the hangouts because that's the most transparent medium we currently have, there's even some users providing transcribing recently.

That said, it goes back to having a more centralized place for folks to get their information, can we pick one or two, not...all of them?

We've got many platforms upon which our community is spread across, once we remove the team req this quantity of communication platforms will further increase (each individual team/technology forum). Even if you post on all of them, there's the high likelihood that users won't be online that day or week to take note (no to say that's a reason not to broadcast announcements).

You also made the point that part of the development process is responding to comments, and I hope that includes here and in the forum

Anything written in the announcement thread should seriously be considered lost, a couple pages after your post and nobody will ever see that content again. You're far better off creating dedicated threads in appropriate sub forums, as the announcement thread is more of a chatroom.

Likewise, it's best that once you have held discussions on here or on the forums that you curate your content into a concise stance on individual topics & provide that to the github issue or pull request. The lead devs aren't going to scour everyone's post history for their ideas.

all the times you've re-stated that security is the priority we might feel that the priorities, since that is being addressed be shifted to fixing the PoR situation created by the "fix", (that I will probably never be entirely happy with, not that my happiness is required, because of the name attached to it).

The POR stake weight is not the next immediate priority, improving the accuracy of mag (potentially moving from rac to total credit (see thom's proposals)), the security/stability/predictability of superblocks and re-decentralizing the statistics scraping mechanisms are AFAIK the next high priority items.

If you disagree, you're entirely welcome to aid development regarding the functionality you desire to see implemented within the client.

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Umm, I laugh at subtitles on YouTube regularly, they are not 100%, by far. Please, lol, don't tell a deaf person to turn on subtitles, I think we figured that one out a long time ago. I really do believe you didn't mean to offend, but that one was a fail, I'm just being easygoing about it, don't bank on others reactions being positive.