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RE: Why I am Very Disappointed by the Upcoming V8 Removal of the Magnitude Component of the Gridcoin Staking Weight

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Look up my username on gridcoinstats about 6 months ago
[ ... ]
at 10k balance I was staking 150 GRC at a shot. That simply is not happening now, and will not be happening in the future as things stand and I understood @dutch's explanation correctly.

Reductions in POR rewards are likely due to the substantial growth in team Gridcoin this year; thousands of more users have joined through pools or solo so the difficulty and competition to earn large magnitudes has increased. You need to competitively crunch, picking the projects with most compatibility with your machines and the least user participation/competition (crunch less popular projects).

The changes won't affect your payment amounts, rather the frequency at which you are paid will potentially decrease.


Be prepared, I honestly believe that you are about to see the first "I ain't been paid in 6 months", complaint, and the time to address that, imo, is before the complaint has a chance.

I have spent a, my wife wants to kill me, vast amount of time since...a certain incident, poring over Team Gridcoins members stats, looking at what they do, how they do it, etc. I am unconvinced that we can say it's due to a large influx of new users, sure, that's a factor, but not the entirety.

Please, take a moment to look at my recent stats, then ask me if I think I am competitively crunching, lol.

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