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BeyondBOINC - A Steemit backed blog!

I purchased the beyondboinc domain late last night via NameCheap paying with BTC.
I fired up a 1core 1GB RAM VPS with Vultr and got stuck into implementing Glasnost.
I've forced HTTPS usage, with a free SSL cert thanks to letsencrypt.


  • Change the menu bar buttons/links
  • Use this thread as the 'About' link in the main menu
  • Troubleshoot why I'm unable to view the website on my mobile phone (DNS issue?)

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Lessons learned:

  • Setup bash files for launching the docker file, specifying "-d" sets it as a deamon.

  • The GLASNOST_CONFIG_URL must be changed prior to starting the docker container:

    docker run -d -it -p 8081:80 -e "GLASNOST_CONFIG_URL=" --restart on-failure:10 ontofractal/glasnost:latest

  • When you launch docker, or reset the docker container the steem blog needs initially configured - this is insecure and will change in the future. So grab the admin key, save it and progress to the next step.

    • On the up-side, if your docker container does reset and someone grabs the admin key you can reset the container, and they cannot specify an alternative config to the one specified when launching the docker container (so you cannot 'take-over' a blog).
  • The config URL you need to enter is your equivalent of ""

  • If whitelist/blacklist fields have "" it will select 'all', so if blacklist has "" it will blacklist all posts by that user!

  • Currently some images are served over HTTP, resulting in an SSL warning.


A+ SSL Grade achieved!



Temporarily down whilst I improve SSL security, shouldn't be long.. hopefully


3 hours later

How on earth have I caused a 502 Bad Gateway? Damn you nginx!

[error] 4787#4787: *1 SSL_do_handshake() failed (SSL: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol) while SSL handshaking to upstream

Edit: 3.5hrs later, it was a single 's' character causing all the problems!


changed to:


Great job and idea with a tool to share more steem stuff.


The major credit has to go to both @ontofractal for developing Glasnost & to @stranger27 for creating the setup tutorial/walkthrough which inspired me to run my own.


Agreed and because of them you have it to run own your own. Read more about what they both contributed after reading your post.

New issue:


So I've been trying to customize my website beyondboinc, specifically the app.html.eex file.

I've managed to substitute this file for my own, but the changes are not shown.

I've tried resetting the nodejs server, but no luck.

Is there an easy way to make the docker container to recognize local file changes or to force the changed files to be used?

Will I have to make my own docker image?

Thanks, keep up the great work 👍

When this issue is resolved, I'll add analytics, new navigation drop-down links, etc.