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RE: HOLD Your GRC - the Research Coin! We have a Long Way to Go!

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You know why it's so awesome to see GRC get recognized? It makes science cool! "My computing power is used to analyze molecules with a potential cure for major diseases and mapping the Milkyway or the human microbiome. And I get paid for it." How cool is that?

I've been crunching GRC for 4-5 months now with CPU only. GPU I'm using for EXP mining, which has reached ROI for my GTX 1050TI with the all time highs of over $8 right now! I purchased my GPU originally as a gaming upgrade but the inflated GPU prizes led me to mining and Ethereum. And that's the reason why I eventually found my way here to Steemit writing this comment about how cool GRC is! (Damn, this universe almost makes me want to believe in destiny; such a fortunate series of events it has been that has led me into crypto from gaming. And some gamers just keep bitching about high GPU prizes. God damn; why not just join with the "devil" if you can't beat it? They have no idea what they're missing on just because they keep hating miners.)

Sorry, I got "little" sidetracked with this comment. But back into the point...

I started crunching when GRC was in the 2-4 cent realm, earning about a 1 GRC per day and, having now crossed the 200 mark (yay!). I didn't mind getting only cents per day because the power was going for a good cause, while I didn't use the excess unused power anyway. But it seems like my few coins could make some pocket cash in the future. But I'm hodling all of my cryptos for a loooong time, GRC included.

Had to do it :D

You must have a beast research lab to mine GRC for $200 a day!!

Btw, do you know how to redeem the SPARC from mining? I'm mining in grcpool if you need to know.


SPARC is not listed anywhere yet.

Their initial distribution isnt over i think . no point in doing that when you can send them some etherum and get moneis .

They fell far short of their ICO targets, had an insecure and buggy front end, and a whitepaper that is hopelessly outdated. I don't get the feeling they are particularly serious about their endeavor.

Thanks for clarifying. In that case I'll just wait for updates, if there will be any...

Those idiots dont realize that sure, its rising prices, but for sure its speeding up their evolution.

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