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RE: Hardware and Project Selection Part 2 - GPU Projects

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@dutch Thank you so much for your articles. I just started mining GRC yesterday and your articles have been the best for understanding how to get everything going. I still have questions, but trying to post them in the appropriate articles.

Question: When it comes to picking a project, you mention look for one that has the lowest Team Users, but wouldn't you want to first choose one based off the Team RAC? For example, Amicable has 492 Team Users but a Team RAC of 38,882,070, pretty high competition. Seti has 4,297 Team Users, but a Team RAC of 3,571,429, a lot more users than Amicable, but way less competition. So wouldn't you be better of picking Seit?


Welcome to the team, and great to hear my articles have been useful! =)

You are right that project selection is actually more complex than just picking the lowest number of users:

  • RAC is a measure of the rate credits are earned. The problem with using this to compare project is that each project sets their own rate at which credits are earned. For example, SETI is notorious for giving out credits significantly more slowly than any other project. I went from 20 million RAC on MooWrapper to 800 thousand RAC on SETI, with the same hardware. Therefore, it is not a very good measure of what project has the best return for your hardware.

  • The number of users will give you a better idea of competition, but the problem here is that we have no easy way of telling how many of those users are still active 24/7.

Currently, the best GPU project is Enigma. The best CPU project is Yafu.

Thanks for the tip, I switched my gaming PC (i7-6700K, GTX 980 TI) over to Enigma and Yafu. I would love to learn more on how you do your research for which projects to pick. I also plan on hooking up my Raspberry Pi's I have laying around and possibly two old computers I have. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Boinc, Gridcoin, and cryptocurrency so I can have a better understanding of everything, and not just blindly choose settings because XYZ says it's the best. I've really been enjoying your articles.

Feedback like yours makes it all worth it - very much appreciated! =)

That PC will net you a decent income, as it is very much near the top end of what hardware is available. Of course, every little bit helps so your small PCs and R-Pis will increase your yield somewhat. If you want to talk more about R-Pis, @scalextrix is your man.

I would love to learn more on how you do your research for which projects to pick.

There is a project in development that has not been released which gives real time yield statistics. I used to verify its accuracy, but now I just trust it's outputs blindly and it has never failed me. Expect a public release later this year.

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