New Gridcoin Mandatory Update Released!

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Download the update from GitHub here.

You can also download the Windows MSI here.

Mandatory bug fixes are tied to v9 blocks which will start on block 1144000.

Here is the changelog for this release:


Provide Difficulty of best kernel found, #766 (@tomasbrod).
Add Travis support for OSX, #665 (@acey1).
Add better command for sending alerts, #731 (@tomasbrod).
Add RPC for sending raw contracts, #683 (@tomasbrod).
Add portable diagnostic page, #631 (@fooforever).


Fixed minor spelling mistakes, #742 (@denravonska).
Several tally improvements. There should now be less forking and the wallet
should use ~50MB less memory, #668, #756 (@denravonska, @tomasbrod)
Data scraper can no longer run concurrently, #742 (@denravonska).
Improve superblock validations, #730 (@tomasbrod).
Fix potential deadlock, #708 (@denravonska).
Prevent duplicate superblocks, #534 (@tomasbrod).
Fix issue with application cache clears, #577 (@tomasbrod).
Fix bug which caused rewards to be lost when staking the newbie block.
Missing rewards will be reimbursed, #552 (@Foggyx420).
Fix minor UI typos, #661 (@Erkan-Yilmaz).
Fix stake modifier, #686 (@tomasbrod).
Improve boost-1.66.0 compatibility, #800 (@denravonska).
Fix crash in diagnostics dialog, #794 (@Foggyx420).


Changed versioning extraction from git. Test builds can no longer be used to
stake in production unless explicitly enabled, #729 (@tomasbrod).
Don't update network quorum while syncing, #728 (@Foggyx420).
Snapshot URL now uses https, #727 (@Foggyx420).
Code cleanup (@Foggyx420, @denravonska).
Use more efficient data structure for blocks, #679 (@denravonska).
Improve transaction description dialog, #676 (@Foggyx420).
Improve beacon handling, #604, #645, #649, #684, #701 (@Foggyx420, @tomasbrod).
Optimize double<->string conversions, #692 (@denravonska).
Optimize application cache access, #506 (@denravonska).
Improve thread handling, #656 (@skcin).
Replace boost::shared_ptr with std::shared_ptr.
Optimize string split function, #672 (@denravonska).
Improve sync speeds, #650 (@denravonska).
The RPC command restartclient is now called restart.
Fix voting sorting issues, #610 (@MagixInTheAir).
Improve wallet backup, #660 (@Foggyx420).
Update seed nodes, #783 (@barton2526).
Auto upgrades are now opt-in via the "autoupgrade" flag, #796 (@denravonska).
Clean up seed nodes, #783 (@barton2526).


Remove CSV exporter which used unreliable data, #759 (@denravonska).
Remove block download menu options on non-Windows, #727 (@Foggyx420).
Removed RPC commands (@Foggyx420, @denravonska):
    list newbieage
    list staking
Remove checkpoint relaying to improve sync speeds, #678 (@denravonska).
Remove IRC peer discovery.

Thanks to all the great work by our devs who made this update possible! Please update your wallets to the new mandatory ASAP!


Hoping to get the in-wallet upgrade running tomorrow. In the meantime, go to and fetch the MSI installer.

Thanks! I was just gonna add a comment about the updater not pulling the update. Figured I would check on it since it wasn't listed. :)

Urgent message from developer @ravonn:

"There is an issue with where it does not update one of the DLLs when installing on top of This means that the install won't contain the silent crash fixes. An update is on its way, probably tomorrow (thursday) or on friday. A clean install will have the necessary fixes even with the current MSI" - ravon

I am forwarding this message here from reddit for visibility.

Hurá! That is great that this update is out. Thank you @ravonn for the final touches. This should much improve the network situation and bring in the long awaited fixes. Go grab the update before the deadline.

Thank you too @tomasbrod for your contributions to development and the community ..

Also thanks for joining the hangouts, the explanations and information you provide are enlightening ..


Courtesy of @joshoeah

You too! Thanks for making this so much easier :)

Wallet backup worked for me in this update.


We will be ensuring that the update from the client works before we announce on major social media outlets such as facebook and twitter.

Thanks to the developers for their valuable work ..

You don't get enough sleep, you don't get enough relaxation, there's never enough time, you have to deal with miscreants like me and you don't get paid enough ..


Courtesy of @joshoeah

Sweet, recompiling on Pi3 now :)

I will install today.

Diagnostics feature still non-funtional and now it causes crash when you try to use it. Where should I report bugs?

Other than that, Good Job! I really like how polls now also display as Pie Charts.

you post issues on github @ for future reference since nobody answered that for you. That is where the codebase is and is better than using social media sites such as steemit. Gridcoin is to spread out , we need 1 main official website vs " What are the official Gridcoin websites? - - - - - - " and what is the official Gridcoin issues/bug/suggestion websites steemit/github/crypto coin talk/reddit and 200 others and then you cannot forget the wiki usage and just pointing dns as a forward for wiki and even then there are multiple locations and wiki pages related to Gridcoin and referenced. We need a single website , even if we used or with a forum and the github repo and my greylist project status page implementation showing the whitelisted projects as a URL link to the project in green with a green dot after it in the status column or red when it goes on the greylist like a stop light on a street that could be easily automated using a math algorithm to check available work units and current work units out to users being processed challenged by another algorithm that tracks history so it can be a set as a trigger per 72hr work unit availibility status or longer depending on what we use.
We are spread out on reddit/steemit/cct/slack/3 irc networks freenode/snoonet and the official unofficial dedicated gridcoin ircd I am hosting and trying to promote and get started where we could actually customize the network per the needs of Gridcoin selecting administrators and operators from the community ( i dont have to even be an oper I know I am a nobody ) and stop borrowing free services from others such as the mumble we use is not even ours , the forums we use are not even ours we barrow space from sites like this and crypto coin talk and reddit and from what I saw today searching " barton26 gridcoin fixes " and found all sorts of other social media and forum websites that people are using to post Gridcoin news a feature needs to fix as that part of the site is broken and has been since October and still the foundation pays 20k GRC quarterly for the fountain and limits it to existing users so new users are forced to use GRC pool that was paid a large amount of money to build an open source Gridcoin pool but the code released is not plug'n'play its missing a chunk and you have to know how to code in order to complete it or else we would have other pools up by now , or the site medium that suchflex had used and I created the user Gridcoin ( 100% willing to donate as I registered it for the community not myself ) and we have multiple facebook and twitter accounts from multiple users and multiple Gridcoin user names so I can see how one like yourself would not know where to post because its just a shit show spread all over the web and that is not the decentralization we need in order to grow into a healthy robust extensive community and work together as a team seeing as everything happens in private channels as if it was a back room in private channels on irc and slack and other services.
We need one site , one single point of contact and official Gridcoin domain email addresses and one forum and one location ( doesn't mean it cant be mirrored ) with ALL of the info and I know we could put together a team or groups per site sections because many of us have strong abilities in different areas and it takes a community to build something great and something that lasts you cant do it alone.
All the whales and non crunching leadership doing back-room private deals and implementations and whine a whales switching the outcome results of polls after the community votes on whitelisting a project but since the whiner dutch has such high magnitude and Gridcoin and I am damn sure he is also breaking the TOS per both BOINC and Gridcoin but since he has such a large investment or a large lump sum of Gridcoin that anybody could purchase with cash just the same , the leadership turns their heads and looks the other way but he is no better than kikipope and pomegranate2.
Then only their ideas get implemented to make them happy and the typical average users get screwed and that is not team work and Gridcoin is a TEAM and we should be team players. Yes , you don't have to agree with or like your teammates and hell we don't have to get along but we are all needed to make Gridcoin last and grow to its full potential and make it something that lasts especially when new block chain and crypto currency technology appears daily

Thanks @barton26, will give it a go right away.

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