Gridcoin Leisure Update Released

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This patch serves as a hotfix for a few issues discovered in the mandatory release. This is a leisure update, and is not mandatory for users. If you have issues installing the MSI, please try uninstalling the previous wallet installation and reinstalling fresh from this MSI.

Download the update from GitHub here.

You can also download the Windows MSI here. Remember to backup your wallet.dat and config file before updating!


Fix several crashes in diagnostic dialog, #816 (@Foggyx420).
Fix client not exiting when running as daemon (@denravonska).
Fix issue with boincstake.dll not updating on dirty installs (@Foggyx420).


Update splash screen, #685 (@acey1).

While this patch is a leisure update intending to fix issues present in, please remember to upgrade your wallets to at least before the hard fork in 12 days!


By the way, I love the new branding on the splash screen! I can't wait till the rest of it filters in.

Thanks mucho.

By the way just to report, when installing the MSI, the installer got blocked by defender.

If people have the same problem: right click the installer, go to properties and there you can lift the block. Everything else worked like a charm.

Thanks for fixing the issues. Your work is much appreciated.

Darn, how the heck i the GUI upgrade menu still sending out as the download. I literally just went backwards from to This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Can confirm the daemon is now starting smoothly.

On Linux it is not yet, but the good old workaround "./gridcoinresearchd &" does the trick... See

Yeah I saw it too, but only realised after I had left the house, and couldnt comment

Thanks. I have only just had a chance to update from 3.6 and all seems to be running fine on Arch.

I had the boost issue at first, but using the manual install and running the clean commands seems to have fixed it.

When I updated, I had an issue with the wallet not fully terminating after being closed for the update. Running Windows. Killing the old process took care of it, and the install continued. My guess is this is part of the windows crash bug, and this patch may resolve it. When I get to work today I'll close the wallet to see if it exits completely.

I have Gridcoin Wallet (3.6.3) on one computer with Linux Mint. But since I have on another computer Linux Manjaro, and I already installed version 3.7.1 on it, (but didn't start/run it yet) what would be best/simplest way to move it from first computer Mint to second computer Manjaro? I'm using gui version: gridcoinresearch-qt

I did a backup on Mint. (copied and saved these two files: wallet.dat and gridcoinreserch.conf)

What do I need to do next? Can I just copy database files from first computer to second one or do I need to go through two days of downloading again? If I can just copy files, which ones? The biggest one is: blk0001.dat. Is this one enough or do I need to copy some other files too, besides the two I already mentioned above?

Sorry, doing this for the first time and I'm not that good at Linux either

To be on the safe side, I would copy the entire block folder over to the new system. I believe there is actually a snapshot somewhere that would alleviate some of the time on downloading the entire block chain again but I cannot remember where I saw it and I believe the one I saw was for Windows and not Linux.

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