Western watermelon

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Western watermelon
Watermelon (scientific name: Citrullus lanatus)
This is a juicy and low calorie fruit.
Most fruits have high calories, and the lowest calories are melon fruits, such as cantaloupe/watermelon/melon...
Watermelon is native to Africa, but in my country, it has been planted in large quantities.
On the production of watermelon, ranking in the world, China's output is the first.
The earliest visible watermelon literature was recorded in Egypt. Legend has it that watermelon is the creation of a certain god in Egypt.
The color of watermelon pulp is red and yellow.
Watermelon can make wine: After soaking watermelon juice in alcohol or after fermentation, you can make watermelon wine with moderate sweetness.
Watermelon skin can also be eaten. Among Chinese food, there are some dishes that use watermelon skin.
How to choose watermelon:
When the watermelon is in the result, if there is a Empty hole inside, it will affect the taste.
Therefore, watermelon the selected, people often tap the watermelon and listen to the sound, if the sound gently is not good, and sound dull is better watermelon.
The shape of the watermelon tree is like vine, and its fruit is squatting on the ground, so the fruit harvested after the rainy day will absorb more water, the sweetness will decrease, or the taste will be poor, even at the center. It's rotten, so try not to buy watermelon in the rainy season.
Watermelon is quite large, so one person can only hold one, so when you choose, look at the Watermelon skin for damage, if it there is a place to be hit, where the flesh will be very Fast rotting.

Western watermelon
西瓜(學名:Citrullus lanatus)

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Why is it called 'western'?

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in China,
Watermelon is introduced from the West to my country,
So we call it Western watermelon.


Thanks for explaining!

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