The oldest Greek god

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I suppose you are referring to the Olympics, Zeus and the company by the Greek god. Like other mythologies, Greek mythology also has conspiracy holes. This is due to the fact that these mythologies are more subjective or verbal or simply anecdotal than the last thousand years. Even the first written records say different versions for the same character.


There are few versions that will not be included in most of the points I can write outside, and if they have these characters, they contain a lot of pedigree. That's why my answer comes from the versions I've been able to access over the years.

Traditionally speaking, the Olympics are the first Greek legends to call themselves gods. Their rise to power came after a long struggle called the Titans with their alleged blood and their ancestors. After claiming victory over the Titans, they received the titles 'gods'. Then came the age of the Olympics, which the Greeks referred to as gods.


Zeus was their king and leader, but not the greatest. It is said that Aphrodite is actually much older than the other Olympians and is actually a direct descendant of primitives. Zeus and other Olympic players removed from this level several generations.

Primitive gods were the ancestors of both giants and Greek gods. They have their own stories, and some Olympians are said to be really afraid of them and want to erase the knowledge of their existence from humanity.

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