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This is a brand new idea, @koskl was the one who inspired it via a discussion we had on discord - Feel free to join us!

The idea

Every day (hopefully), an original post will be selected by one of our Greek Steemians and will be presented here!

As this is a new idea, it is still being processed - and you are all free to contribute with your thoughts and remarks!

Greek Pick of Yesterday, 28 November 2018

Who would say no to a chance to win some STEEM?
@cryptomaniacs is here with a new contest and you can participate very easily, simply by mentioning someone and (optionally) to add 5 numbers in your comment for taking part in the lottery!

So feel free to click HERE to participate!

Remember the Blocktrades Contest? Check out the amazing GREEK participants!

Good Luck to All Participants 💙

Written and Powered up 100% by @katerinaramm.
A big thank you to @koskl, @iliasdiamantis & @alexanderfluke for their generous delegation.


I like contests. And greek-trail. Now I’m going to click


to check it out.

OMG what a Great Contest!!!😂😂
Thanks for the support!!