Enemy of the People

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According to the Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 586,000 Media and communication workers in the US. Of these I've identified several categories of workers who are involved in preparing information-related products for dissemination.

Out of this number there are approximately 500,000 US workers in media categories are generally involved in creating and disseminating information to their customers or the general public. Incredibly, almost half of these are Public Relations workers. But all of these people are directly involved political news or other information that could potentially be propagandized.

I will leave it for you to estimate how many media workers actually are complicit in delivering bogus news information and other propaganda as part of organized brainwashing operations for the Deep State (TV news, other programs, radio, internet, social media, text books, scientific studies, movies, etc.).

Consider the events of 9/11/2001. Consider Sandy Hook, etc. Not on single reporter or investigator in the mainstream media or agency did any kind of real investigation or attempted to truthfully report on what really happened. Not a peep from any member of the press about all of the bewildering inconsistencies in these “narratives”. Not a single person who was involved in these false flags have ever stepped forward to blow the whistle (or lived long enough to get the message out).

To pull off these false flags, It literally takes an army of insiders in the media and elsewhere to plan, execute, and then keep a lid on the truth in their aftermath. It was only regular citizens, people like us anons, who started raising questions, and trying to find out what the truth really was. We need to understand the size of this army that is the Enemy of the People.


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