Gratitude day 1: Am grateful to @bunnypuncher for letting me win his contest twice in 4 days

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This is a challenge nicely put together by @tojukaka. Each day, you can make a post about why you are grateful for that day. My boss @focusnow told me about the contests organized by his friend @bunnypuncher and this one too

I am very grateful for this day to my friend (He is my friend now) @bunnypuncher for letting me win his challenge twice in four days. My Steemit mentor @focusnow told me that even though @bunnypuncher was his friend, he had never won any of bunnypuncher's daily contest. To clear the air, @bunnypuncher runs a daily contest where participants are rewarded with between 5 and 1SBD for making a comment; a total of 15SBD given away to grateful Steemians everyday. I do not know how @bunnypuncher sustains it, but when @focusnow told me to join the contest, I decided to give it a try.

When I entered the first day, I did not win. I was discouraged by the number of participants and never gave myself any opportunity to win. Especially considering that i just joined Steemit, I thought it was impossible to win. I tried the second day, and guess what, I won 1SBD and i was jumping up here and there. The third day, I didnt win (I never expected to win anyway). Sunday 13/05/2018 was another opportunity to try again, I never expected to win again. Common, I just won 3 days ago, I even expected not to win for a whole month; it is fair that way I think. I would be proved wrong.

Monday morning, I decided to check the winners. You know what? I was not just among the winners again; I took the first spot which gets the highest price of the contest - 5SBD. I never believed it. It was the biggest surprise of the day. I checked my wallet and saw the SBD already transfered. I was overjoyed; so elated. For this reason, I made this post of gratitude.

I want to appreciate you @bunnypuncher for this amazing opportunity given to me to win his contest twice in a space of 4 days. You wouldn't know how far this will go. Thank you for giving a beginner the opportunity to win big, to be heard and to experience the joy of receiving. I greatly appreciate all that you do on Steemit and the valuable contributions you make. I will always support whatever things you do. I will also extend the goodness to others so that someone smiles because of me just as you did. So once again, he world should hear me out: THANK YOU SO MUCH @bunnypuncher. I AM GRATFUL FOR YOUR GOODNESS.

HOW TO JOIN @bunnypuncher's daily contest.

Just check his page for the current contest for the day. Follow him. Upvote and conmment on the post. Simple. You could win. Sometimes he provides a topic to streamline the discussion; but leaves you out to say your mind about anything. To join the contest for today, check out this link:

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Congrats dear. I brought you to steemit. Introduced you to his @bunnypuncher's contest, but I have never won it once. You won twice. Am happy for you and want to see you do well here. Congrats once more.

Smiling thank you so much I will try my best you practice makes perfect