Steemit Feeds Me Noms - Literally!

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Hello friends! I want to extend to each of you a giant virtual hug and lots of love and gratitude, because without even knowing it you provided me with sustenance for life, delicious food!


This is @offgridninja and @wisewoof outside of the grocery store with lots of food! It isn't home grown or from a local market, but it provides sustenance! Sure beats eating canned food, that's for sure. I bought these groceries entirely with my earnings from Steemit

Thank you friends for providing my blog with up-votes and views because you are actually making a difference in my life, and allowing me to give and feed myself and my community. Being able to feed my community is actually priceless, and I love being able to do that! My end goal is to be able to feed everyone without the grocery-store and through the homestead, but I still gotta eat well I am striving to reach those goals. I also believe that eating delicious food can be important for living a fulfilled life. Many gratitudes for you Steemians!

I also got a whole bunch of baking supplies and drink-things from Bulk Barn, probably my favorite place to shop. I will also be making apple crisp, cupcakes and cookies with Steemit funded ingredients, to share and munch out on! 

This is a Steem powered meal, transformed into yummy food by @offgridninja ! It is cod fish and some potato/sweet-potato mushroom mix. Absolutely delicious, thank you Steemit for feeding me through the power of the blockchain and the internet, and thank you @offgridninja for making it into yummy sustenance! 

There are only more heights to be reached, especially with all the Capricorn energy, I am optimistic for the coming year in that I will be able to fund all my projects with Steem, community and hard work!

Thanks again for your time and support, I will have more Planets in Capricorn tomorrow and hopefully some Veggie Study Guides as well. Loves for all of you <3


Hey @skycae just stopping in to see how you are doing and it all looks amazing! From using steem to buy food, how?! To good food and recipes! Looks like that dish tasted soooo good! Miss ya girl! xx

Its pretty incredible that doing stuff I was already doing for free is now feeding me! I cant wait to share more of these yummy things.

thanks for stopping by!

How are you buying food? Cashing out? What about the fees? That part is still confusing to me.

Yeah I cashed out, using litecoin or ether reduces the fees. For about 200 dollars about 20 bucks in fees total, and it took a couple days. Here is an article

Haha I like that picture and I concur steemit is freakin awesome! I'm going to be able to afford the generator I need thanks to posting about my baby goat wooohooo!!!

yeah Cedarville literally powered by Steem! No steam yet but we got plenty of Steem haha.

Hehehhehehe <3 SO AWESOME

So nice 😉 can you help me voting on my food posts 🙏🙏🙏

Awe yea!! This made me smile:) You are right, it is awesome you can get good eats while you build your own way! Steemit has helped our family too, so crazy. I'm super greatful too...I love your generosity with your tribe <3

Haha it is pretty crazy that this site has supported so many people to live well, I love it. I love sharing the grateful vibes <3 my tribe has supported me a lot so I am really appriciating being able to give back to them all a little at a time!

OMG I can't even believe this. So freaking awesome!!! AND @offgridninja is such a good cook. I'm happy for you guys!

Yeah it is incredibly rad, Ryan makes yummy everything :P

He really does :D

Awesome!!! I remember my first Steemit purchase. I paid our property taxes with the money I earned from Steemit! Since then I have been able to also buy a small laptop (I was steeming on my cellphone!), and buy groceries for our family! Steemit is such a wonderful place. Keep up the great work!

Its pretty revolutionary. Steemit is better then the idea of a basic income almost, cuz it allows everyone to flourish for just living well and creating. I hope it expands to be a way of living instead of just websites too.

@hethur240? That’s amazing!!! I need a new laptop lol
How did you get enough for that and then how to cash out?

You can search Steemit for some excellent articles on how to transfer your steem into dollars. To be honest, I'm not the person who can explain that. It's too complicated for me.

Wao! am glad to see you succeeding. The best is yet to come. Don't forget to shop for me next.
#steemit is the best place to be

thank you! I agree, this year shall be full of success and steemit!

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