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On my way back from work yesterday at about 7pm,I saw a little boy of about 8- 9years old. He looked so dirty and unkept,I just had to talk to him. After a little chat with him I discovered he was just a poor kid who was brought to the city by his Aunt with the intention of sending him to school but didn't keep to her promise.According to the child, he has to sell at least 5bags of sachet water before going home or else he will be severely punished by the Aunt. I was touched by his story,I just had this great urge to help this kid in my little way. I gave him some money to cover up for the remaining bags of sachet water and bought him food. I could see the joy in his innocent eyes, He just couldn't express his gratitude,he broke down in tears thanking me for my generous act. I encouraged him and promised to always check up on him. Am looking forward to seeing him today and make plans to get him back to his parents.
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