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Thank you @jozef230 for this wonderful contest for the gratefulvibes family!! You can read the original contest post here.
My contest post is a thick rib-eye steak smothered in saute mushrooms with baked squash and a tasty garden salad.

I first made the salad's and warmed the oven for the squash.

To bake the squash I cut it in half and coated each inside half with olive oil and seasonings. Then you place both halves upside down in a baking dish. Then you bake on 375 for one hour.

While the squash is baking you can prepare and grill your steaks. These rib-eye steaks are from a local beef cattle farmer. We get our beef from him. It is the best in our area and we always get them thick cut.

Also while the squash is baking I saute the mushrooms in olive oil with green pepper and onion.

To prepare the steaks I coat them lightly in olive oil before I sprinkle on my seasonings. I like my steaks done medium rare, Mama Bear likes hers medium. So I grill them to perfection!!

In conclusion, this was an amazing dinner for the two of us. We enjoyed this meal the first night our daughter Lesly was at her new residence at UWSP.

All photograph's by @paradise-found

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!


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The dish does really looks delicious by the way ;)

Glad o hear that you enjoyed it :)


Thank you!!

wow yummy what a delicious mealdinner (2).gif


Thank you so much!!

Look delicious!!

These rib-eye steaks are from a local beef cattle farmer

I like it. I only have eggs from the farm.
Such steaks are eaten after every heavy workout :-)


Thank you my friend @jozef230!!

looks sooo yummy!!! 🤤❤️❤️❤️

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Thanks Zephie!! <3

buenas amigo,muy deliciosa comida,buen provecho,saludos y gracias por todo.

besides a very good golfer you are a very good cook. these dishes were great, they look very delicious
Thank you very much for sharing with us I wish you a beautiful day


Thank you my friend @jlufer!!
You are very kind. I wish you a wonderful day!!

Looks yummy @paradise-found. What a fun contest!


Thank you!!

wow!!!soooo!!!yummy...papa bear!!! I feel hungry again hahahaha :-D


Thank you Sashley!!