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Hi steemians, Good morning all and thanks for stopping by. Am in great need and instead of trying to steal or do one evil or the other, i decided to make an appeal to all good steemians to either help me to upvote or resteem this post to get 50sbd or those who are kind enough to make little donations to me to help me clear off my school fees and accommodation fee. Am not a beggar but am in need.

My Story

My name is Gideon Chinaza Nnakude from Anambra state of Nigeria. A final year student of mathematics and statistics department of the Federal University Of Technology minna.

I was supposed to graduate last year from the university but due to the lack i faced in my 500 level(final year) my mind was not stable in school, failed two courses and could not finish up my project work which meant an extra year.


I was frustrated and engaged in some nonsense.
You can read my experience and how God helped me on my Facebook
My Pains And How God Helped Me

My Search For Financial Freedom And Journey Into Steemit

With my failed courses and project work, i stay back in minna rather than going back to my base in Abuja, the nation's capital to avoid questions and pity from people who never responded to my calls for financial help. My widowed mum understood with me and asked me to remain in school.
Then i used that period around October to learn about bitcoin trading on binance and cryptopia and how to design web sites from youtube videos.
I got frustrated because no cash to start trading properly and i also abandoned the web design i was learning on my own because i needed something to give me immediate cash.
Also before now around June 2017 i started a blog Inspiration And Stories where i was writing inspirational articles and story episode but got frustrated after some months of not getting approval from AdSense for me to earn from my blog.

Early January i met @lordidama1 in the group i was learning trading on telegram who introduced me to steemit and i started second week of January.

Along the line i met @ayobami99 who educated me more on steemit and late last week he put my name on his voter train and asked me to try and be posting once a day but i have not made up to 5sbd.

Appeal For Help

My school will soon close portal for payment of school fees (school site) since it's done online. The school fees is 29,000 naira and that means i will loose my admission and also my house rent of 25,000 naira will expire this month end.
So am appealing to all well steemians to come to my aid.

Screenshots of the pictures of my friends and course mates during the convocation that took place on the 1st Of Feb 2018

My sincerity And Identity

Many may want see me as a thieve seeing that am a Nigerian and most times Nigerians are seen as liars and fraudsters but that is not true.
You can check my Facebook for my identity

or my page on Facebook




Resteemed this post and gave you 100% upvote. Hope this can help you. God bless

Thanks. I got it. God bless

Well, sorry for whatever you maybe passing through or whatever that caused the deficiency in the tuition fee payment.
I think we all have a story to tell too. I am not here to get you lambasted or to call you names buy I think there are more better ways to go by this which is what steemit is made for, to help each other out. But instead of coming to solicit for help in this manner, why can't you just put in more hard work and do better. With post like this, people won't take you serious in anyways and would take you to be a person that wants to steal from this good platform. Please, don't get me wrong, but with post like this, it shows you hardly have something to offer on this platform.
You can't just come here to out of this platform without adding value to it. @swissclive has thought me so much on this platform and I would advice you to follow him too and his blog would do wonders to you too because he tutors the minnows especially on how to grow and get noticed on this platform, but you must really know why you are here because it is never a get rich quick platform.
Please don't get me wrong, you may get people to support you and you may also drive away some possible whales that may want to help you in the nearest future.
*I would advice you to always partake in any contest and put out a good content, believe me, you may have more than what you really need right now but I pray you have the support you are looking for. *

NOTE: steemit is not design for this purpose exactly, that is why you may hardly get support but put in more of hard work and good content and the sky shall be your limit.

Just my own piece of advice anyways and I am so sorry if I overstepped my boundaries or get this post twisted.

Thanks for the counsel but i think you did not understand fully every line of my post and you didn't bother to read things from the link on the post.
Also Try to know if the person has been doing what you are trying to advise.
I have not in any been lazy. A person that learnt and created his blog is not lazy. A person that learnt bitcoin trading is not lazy. A person that has finished html of web design and started CSS is not lazy.
Check my replies and comments and the small contests i have won.

Sorry if i sounded harsh but i pressed to do this. You May not really understand but any way thanks for the counsel

May God help you to the finish line and i just hope you understand my point too. No help isntoo small but if you understand. No offence brother i understand but it is just that, well..........

I understand your point clearly. No offense at all. I just needed help.
If you know what it means in our 9ja seeing your mates leaving the university and you spending an extra year and yet no school fees. U no go understand my brother but any way i get your point and me no vex at all.

Some one two people already assisted with 22 sbd.
Thanks for your brotherly concern. 9ja!

I code, e no easy but you self know how some of the scholars here go just dey look like what is this. But if e no be panadol, it can never be like a panadol. Best of wishes man, to be a man is never an easy thing but may God see us through it all.

@tyrex this es very nice of you to do. While you aren't giving him something he asked for, you took the time to give him something better... good advice that can change his life. I hope more do so in a very nice way so that @inspiredgideon1 understands how to truly succeed!

@tyrex, after the advise, a small upvote could add up.

I agree with @tyrex (above me) and would like to help you in a way that you might not appreciate. Steemit is a platform for you to "give" and also of course you can receive in return.

You will find that there are many generous people here, but hardly any will respond to a plea like this. So if you would like to get help, then tell your story in a way that people understand what your life is like. It is great to say that you have learned lessons from the past, but you don't want to make the reader go check this post on facebook or do research to find out about them. That is the purpose of the post in your blog. You are supposed to tell the stories here so people can learn from them what you are trying to say. If you tell a good enough story, then people will help you out on their own without you needed to ask.

When you ask, you degrade the message and it hurts you far more than it helps you. You will lose faith and trust from the ones with experience and those are the ones that will help you the most over time.

I want to help you, but it is with my advice and not my meager upvote or a resteem. I truly hope you understand because I have noticed you in so many other positive ways here and would like very much to see you succeed. Good luck with your next steps and I hope I in some small way helped you!

Thank you for the understanding, that is just the fact but he may likely think i don't love him, but heaven knows i do and that is why i am giving him such a good advice that may make him successful in no time. Hard work pays better and it also beat talent easily with focus too. @inspiredgideon1 you may also need this, that post is published by kne of my greatest mentors known as @swissclive. It is going to do wonders to very well, i just hope understand the favour i am rendering right now. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the counsel sir. It was not really my intention to plead for help here but situation went beyond me and need to plead for help which some people have responded to. If i bring up what i have been through i might be misunderstood by many people.
I see a future with steemit and since i joined it was this week i learnt more things on my own and i joined discord chat to meet with others.

I really appreciate your counsel. Once am settled here. People will benefit from me.

watch out for inspiredgideon1. God bless

Hi before I Upvote just wondering why does the Facebook link go to Jeevan George?? Not Gideon Chinaza Nnakude ?

Lol. That's not true. Check the link you clicked. Maybe not mine

If you're looking to raise some money for expenses, then you really should post at 50/50 instead of 100. At 100, your post will pay out the $ amount worth of SP. At 50/50, it will cut that amount in half and pay the rest in SBD. But it doesn't take into account the market price of SBD, so posting at 50/50 raises the value of your post payouts significantly (50-80% raise in value received), plus it makes it so that your rewards are liquid and can be cashed out instead of being locked up unless you power down.

How do i then do that

Click on rewards box below your post when you post and change to 50/50. Unfortunately it can't be changed once you post, but you can use it on future posts.

What of the third option that says no payment

That declines payment for the post. People can still upvote it, but when it reaches 7 days you get 0. When you see posts with a line through the payout value, that's why. It means they declined payment on the post.

Wow i just learnt something new. Thanks
Never knew what that 50/50 meant and the two others. Thanks for teaching me what i will teach others

I believe in you

I will surely do that. Had bandwidth issues that's why.

It is well bro..


I hope you will collect enough money to continue your studies!

If God permits. I have gotten the fees from the donation people made and from the small trading i have done with the sbd i received

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Oga no worry, we go help u get the money

Thanks brotherly

You got my vote, good work and good luck. God bless!

I upvoted and also resteemed
Glad to meet you I'm also a student @ Futminna
Dept of statistics too
I just hope it's helpful to you my bro
Good luck

That's nice. Which level are you

100level though still a fresher
Do you stay in the hostel?

let's meet here is my number 09099125646

Check your whatsapp

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