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GV blog specialist @escuetapamela

Hello Steemians,
I’m @escuetapamela, 23 years old, from the Philippines. Twice each week I will highlight 3 wonderful #gratefulvibes blogs right here, calling them the "Best of Gratefulvibes." It will be awesome meeting each of you through this splendid opportunity. I hope that you enjoy reading the wonderful posts, each one focusing on gratitude.

Best of #gratefulvibes / A new beginning!!

Together with @paradise-found and @sunnylife, we decided to choose 3 featured posts twice each week. As a reward, they will receive a resteem from @gratefulvibes account and 100% upvote from @paradise-found!
It’s a pleasure to give them the exposure that they deserve!

So, what are the rules to be featured?

  1. Use the #gratefulvibes tag.
  2. 100% original content.
  3. Photo or video preferred but not required. Cite the source if not yours.
  4. Be yourself and have fun.

There is no word limit (can be short or long), and any topics are allowed (as long as it doesn’t disrespect the others).
Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions and I will answer to the best of my ability. Everyone is welcome to send me a DM in discord if you want to use the GV footer below. Thanks mate!

Special thanks to @paradise-found and @sunnylife, our GV family mentors.
To God be the glory.

Your GV blog specialist,

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Hi there! :) kumusta?


Hello! Hope you have a great day!
Blessings! :)

Wow this is great news! I will be posting for a chance to be selected. I am a member of the GV discord group. I need to get the logos for posting. @janicehung introduced me to the group. Its full of positive and terrific people!


Thank you for liking it! It's a pleasure to have you in the GV family! You can send me a dm in discord and I'll send the logos to you. :)
Your GV blog specialist,

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It sounds interesting. Can I join too? I am not a Philippine, but an Indonesian,..hehehehehehe
By the way,,long time no see, @escuetapamela. I often visited your blog, but I didn't see you there for these several weeks. Your latest post is about the cute Hello Kitty, isn't it? (tell me if I am wrong)


Yes, you can! Everyone is welcome!
There are no races here, we are just one family. :) - (and yes, I don't have recent post in my account for the past days hehe).
Have a nice day!


Hmmm..good news then..thanks @escuetapamela!

a promising channel. anyother way to increase chances of one winning or will the selection be random.


Hello! The selection is not random, we will carefully select based on how much heart and effort did the writer put on his work. :)


now I know. appreciate.

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Thank you for the lovely poem! :)

This ia awesome @gratefulvibes fam ❤️


Thank you for the warm support! :)

This is super interesting and wonderful too. Thank God I am in for this also part of GV family.
Thanks @gratefulvibes


To God be the glory!
Thank you so much for the support! :)

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Forever grateful for my Gratefulvibes family ❤️❤️❤️

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We are also forever grateful to have you!
Cheers! :)

I do really liked the initiative and sounds really cool

Would sure be a part of it

While does it have to be an introduction post or the regular posts will be ok ?


Hello, mate!
It doesn't have to be an intro post, we just made an intro post because it's the first time that we announced it. Regular posts are okay. :)

should we use #gratefulvibes tag as the first tag?


Hello, you can place it anywhere. What matters the most is that it should be there. :)

More power GV family, papa bear and pam
You are amazing girl!


Thank you ma'am and cheers!
God bless you always. :D
Bear Hugs!!