My entry to the graphics contest: GoChain

in graphics •  last year 

What is GoChain?

GoChain is a reality, it is a blockchain network that aims to solve the problems found on platforms such as Ethereum.Ethereum currently has fluidity problems when executing its transactions, since it can only perform 13 per second, and due to its large number of users these scalability problems have been generated
Sin título.png

GoChain is 100 times faster which allows you to perform 1300 transactions per second, thus solving such scalability problems.


1- The first logo is the logo of the blockchain network but it is made up of the name of the "GoChain" network

2- And in the second graphic / logo it is expressed that it is 100% compatible with Ethereum and that it is 100 times faster.

The graphics previously presented were made by me @nicole27 for the @mediaworks contest sponsored by GoChain

For more information about the contest click here


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