BandZNetwork: The Worldwide Extranet!

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BandZ: The Worldwide Extranet!

Dear engineers, examiners, legal advisors, governments, and technologists of various types and sorts, we made it. Blockchain innovation is formally standard!

Paying tribute to the website rise of the late 90s, the ICO rage is presently in full power and each doubter, nay-sayer, worry wart, master and prophet is in the shred. Each member is hoping to rebuild existing ventures with new, decentralized plans of action with the expectations of getting hundred and even thousand-crease returns on their speculation.

The most energizing and likely prospects to get these sorts of profits are those which center around enhancing foundation; particularly, broadcast communications and vitality. The previous, particularly, is prepared for the most immediate, beginner amicable, and universally pertinent advancements in security and client encounter.

Intranets and Extranets

Intranets are private systems open just to the individuals from said systems. Extranets are intranets that enable access to approved arrangements of clients as controlled by the individuals from the intranet, without conceding full access to the intranet itself.

Different intranets can cooperate with each other over an extranet.

Intranets and extranets are very costly to set up, and as a rule take into account the undertaking programming market. Singular clients can infrequently get to these points of interest of these items as a result of (I) constrained money related assets and (ii) an absence of specialized information.

This individual client advertise for intranets and extranets isn't just undiscovered however has, as of recently, been totally unconsidered.


Virtual Private Systems are scandalous for their protection. The capacity to utilize distinctive IP addresses rather than your own particular breeds all kind of theory of illegal and unsuitable exercises.

The truth of the truth of the matter is that VPNs have substantially more wide and general applications. A Virtual Private System is extremely only a private system which enables its individuals to impart to each other over open channels.

Partnerships utilize them constantly. Corporate VPNs enable workers to get to their organization's intranet while they are outside of their workplaces.

People can secure their interchanges with VPNs or evade web geo-limitation and oversight in specific nations. The applications accompany dangers and advantages, yet so does development and flexibility.

The overall VPN advertise is as of now evaluated to be $1.26 Billion USD. By 2022, it is relied upon to develop to $106 Billion USD [1]. On the off chance that that development rate sees to bullish, it's most likely in light of the fact that the present valuation of the VPN advertise isn't right and vigorously downplayed.

The potential for VPN development resembles a powder barrel, and blockchains are the start. Decentralization can't increase the value of some other single industry more so than to secured P2P media transmission.

The VPN web utilize case is significantly more intense than cash and money. The web is a bedrock for blockchain innovation, reclassifying the web with VPN properties is practically equivalent to fortifying the establishments of the world's blockchain sanctuaries.

Decentralizing VPNs won't just make them restriction and secondary passage verification (Tear Tor), yet in addition lessen the grinding right now present to amateurs in getting to the innovation.

Blockchains and Cryptographic forms of money

You realize what these are, and you know why they are significant. They are computerized cash passwords and they live on your cell phones. Your equipment is actually a computerized bank now, and accordingly your information is thus, quite a lot more important to digital hoodlums than it at any point was previously.

In this way, sensibly, secured, private (virtual?) systems turn out to be progressively important. Proportionately so with the expansion in cost of whichever crypto tokens you are holding.

The cost of cybersecurity assaults by 2019 is evaluated to be $2 Trillion (with a T) USD [2]. That is one year from now, for those of us who are terrible at math.

The utilization of VPNs has hitherto been incapable in view of secondary passage and malware dangers. Necessary blockchain factors, for example, confide in, straightforwardness, and usability have an incredible arrangement to offer as far as gainful, important, and beneficial advance in the fundamental benchmarks of web availability and security as we probably am aware it.

Blockchains change VPNs and Intermediaries from cloudy, backwater darknets into the main adequate way for a genuinely shared web.


BandZ is the worldwide extranet blockchain venture. It was established in Toronto, Canada and Daejeon, South Korea by four individuals.

The organization's lawful home is, starting at now, is in Canada. The innovation is being led out of South Korea, at the Korean Propelled Organization of Science and Innovation in Daejeon — ranked sixth on the planet for licenses in innovation development by Reuters.

The BandZ System objective is to be the lattice amongst local and worldwide VPN availability at first. Different advancements, for example, work nets and cloud administrations are later on guide.

BandZ will be skeptic of administrators and network access suppliers (ISPs), giving a web of half and half items, for example, DNS-tweaking, IP-turning, and further upgraded security for information rich, unsophisticated clients. The venture will begin as system and develop to be a base-layer for multiprotocol improvement.

The BandZ vision is make a ultrafast, omnipresent, "distributedly-oversaw" worldwide extranet. The greater part of the individual companions will be their own intranets and give each other venture review VPN security and strong web availability. They will pay each other with transmission capacity named in BandZ (the token) so the framework pays everybody inside it as the individuals utilize it.

BandZ is in profound chats with governments and enterprises to make grant programs that boost encourage scholastic advancement of the venture at KAIST. The venture wants to use the expanded hope of cyberattacks, VPN expenses, shared-tokenized economies, and unjustifiable open observation to catalyze the improvement and business accomplishment of the BandZ System.

The factor most basic to the achievement of BandZ is the convenience. BandZ will be a downloadable application that transforms your gadget into a BandZ hub. Once introduced it permits clients get to/give endeavor review web administrations from/to another person in a pre-designed way, at a small amount of the cost. You needn't bother with any of the cash to start utilizing it, you simply require an information design. When its on, you can begin collecting BandZ instantly and after that utilization them to appreciate the web in any piece of the world with true serenity.

BandZ is the new standard for worldwide broadcast communications. So allows BandZ together and get it going!

Here is my entry:


I used logopitlus app to make this design, and I choose this particular design above because it depicts my perspective and view of Bandz Network.

My entrance for Bandz Network Graphic communication Challenge - 150 Steem Supported By @Mediaworks

Here is the link to the contest

Here is a link to the Bandz website below:

BandZ Website
BandZ Medium
BandZ Twitter
BandZ Facebook



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