Destroy Normality

in graffiti •  2 years ago 

The act of rebellion is a personal and empowering place I enter to find myself. It is an aspect of life that inspires me to challenge and resist authority filled with information that I use to construct the story within the work I do. I have been talking out of place, stepping out of line and destroying normality every opportunity I’ve had just to feel alive, a habitual line-stepper. This world can become claustrophobic and feel like it is closing in on me, so I have found exercises to confront top-down regulations and systematic norms. There are no rules but the ones you make for yourself. That’s not to say that we can't find compromise nor reason to be cooperative, but more so realizing the difference between those who harmonize in life and those who want to control the world. When I see this problem of manipulation unfold onto the public sphere I become highly activated and want to inspire others to wake up to these nefarious acts being carried out.


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Sending love your way from San Diego. Mad love from Latin Soul

Yo what's up the great Mear One! Very psyched to see you here sharing your thought, ideas and art. Love your work man and have been a fan for many, many years.

glad to see you're on Steemit! I just wrote an article yesterday about the "anti-semitism" debacle around your mural:
Anyway followed and will support your work as much as I can. Unfortunately can't upvote your posts as they're older than 7 days. I recommend opening an #introduceyourself post so people know you're here!