is the Truth anti-semitic? Jeremy Corbyn and the Mear One mural controversy

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The jewish establishment is in uproar against Jeremy Corbyn as it emerged he once expressed solidarity with the artist Mear One who had his artwork mural censored in the UK on the grounds of "anti-semitism".

This was the stunning and thoughtful artwork by Mear One which was sadly removed a few years back:

Mear One was commissioned by the owner of the building. The mural was done legally. Yet the Government under pressure from the jewish lobby stepped in to remove it. Not only that, but there were also calls to arrest the artist, who luckily was already back in the US by then.

This is the sad state of UK censorship these days.
Not even Art is immune from so called "hate speech" laws and anything that even slightly questions any jewish grip on power is immediately shut down as "hate speech".

So what was so anti-semitic about this mural? The artist had the audacity to include 3 jews at a table of bankers playing Monopoly with the World, and making their gains on the back of the people.
The artwork not only depicted 3 jewish bankers, but also 3 white anglo looking bankers (and the Artist confirmed this).
White britons didn't complain or call the mural anti-anglo, yet the jewish community feels entitled to say that the artwork is anti-semitic and slander anyone defending it as an anti-semite.

Under pressure, Jeremy Corbyn (a puppet after all) backtracked on his support for the artist and has apologized through social media saying he didn't notice there were jews depicted and stated that the mural was therefore rightly removed.
Here Tom Watson, spokeman for the Labor party, grovelling on national TV. And what can be said about the Presenter acting like a guard dog? It's obvious who their master is (starts with R).

How can anyone wishing to depict the corrupt banking cabal leave out jewish bankers? it simply wouldn't be truthful or honest to leave them out.
You may argue the hooked noses may be a distasteful stereotype, but in stylized cartoonish art they are not out of place. Just like the Anglo looking bankers designed with "fish faces".
The hooked noses were just to visually point out that 3 out of the 6 were jewish, and it is something that indeed needs to be highlighted, whether politically correct or not. They represent a significant chunk of the banking cartel. It's simply a fact.

This is a list of some of the jewish banking families:

  • Goldman
  • Goldsmith
  • Sachs
  • Lehman
  • Salomon
  • Lazard
  • Rothschild
  • Warburg
  • Stern
  • Wendel
  • Weinberg
  • Sassoon
  • Safra
  • Soros (new entry)

Several of these jewish bankers were involved in the slave trade, funded both sides in several wars, exploited land and resources worldwide, rigged the financial markets, and I won't even mention the hardship and suffering they brought with their usury practices or their hand in the migrant crisis or their role in the Armenian genocide. The list goes on and on.
Obviously this doesn't fit with the narrative perpetuated by the Media and Hollywood (both largely jewish owned) of jews eternal victims never involved in any wrongdoing.

Jewish bankers ain't the only villains of course, Vatican and European Houses are just as bad, but they more than deserve a place at that table of banking crooks. That's out of the question!

To make that mural an even more accurate representation of the NWO I would have placed the Pope and the Queen right in the middle, and 1 Sheikh and 1 Chinese Dragon at the sides. Then it would have been perfect.

"Anti-Semitism" used as a CENSORSHIP tool

3 out 4 of the last Federal Reserve chairmen were jews, the head of the IMF is is still a jew. That's pretty incredible considering they are less than 2% of the overall population in America. And they even have 4 Supreme Court Judges!
Their over-representation in banking, in the media and in politics it's obvious to anyone.
People are starting to notice and that's why they're desperate to censor every platform with the "anti-semitism" baton.

Maybe this rouse was only an opportunity to push for even more "anti-semitism" legislation:

The mural and Corbyn's words had nothing to do with the Holocaust. So why was there "NO to Holocaust Denial" placards everywhere at the protest?
Thanks to the internet many in the UK are becoming aware how the Nazi gas chambers were a complete hoax. The UK is one of the few countries in Europe where Holocaust denial is not yet a crime and where revisionist material can still be viewed.....although some of the youtube videos are becoming blocked in the UK recently just as in the rest of the EU.
The next step will be to criminalize "holocaust denial" like they did in many other european countries. In Germany for example there's a 5 year jail sentence for Holocaust deniers. Of course... imagine if the germanic people figured out they were guilt trapped and duped into paying trillions in compensation to jews for something they didn't even do.... and that most of those who died in the camps (hundred thousand, not 6 million) was due to Allied fiorces bombing access routes to the camps which left them with food and medicine shortages. And that the Zionists had an agreement (Haavara) with the Nazis to move jews and their belongings to Israel. Imagine if the World Order as we know it was all built on a giant lie....

Note that there's also jewish researchers exposing the Holocaust lies (David Cole etc), and there was also some jews yesterday counter-protesting (against the jewish protest!).... so just another reminder that not all jews are part of the Cabal that's taking away our free is just the jewish mafia establishment represented by the World Jewish Congress , The Boards of Deputies, the ADL and SPLC. These are a shadow government in every aspect with huge lobbying power. An important chunk of the Deep State. They control also the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which is not Scottish in any way shape or form as I will explain in a future post. And politics as we see is subservient to it.

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Just found out Maer One is on Steemit--> @mearone!
He's not very active here though, probably because he ain't getting the support he deserves. There are many Truther-Art gems posted there which have not even made a dollar wtf!!
Go follow and support this talented and courageous artist!

looks like I was onto something, as the debate in the Media then shifted to Holocaust Denial.
Muralgate as I suspected was only a pretext for a wider censorship agenda.
I think soon new legislation outlawing "Holocaust denial" will be introduced in the UK.

It's great to see more and more people becoming aware of the zionist overlords and the holohoax.

Dmitry Medvedev's mother and grand mother are also Jews