About time to bother y'all with my graffiti photos.

in graffiti •  3 months ago

Goes 2018

I think for most people this place would be just a overpass but to me its a complete art gallery. Which i had to check out and made me forgot the time therefore missed my train.

Looking at tags i often wondered cool but why so basic? But apparently it's not for every artist their intention to make a very detailed piece. The only thing what matters is that people can see their tags.

And the more the better of course. I saw artists online who went to spray their pieces worldwide, just to get their name across. Everybody their own hobby i guess.. Here are a few of those "basic" tags.




Former party centre "De Vinger" in The Hague 2018

I don't visit bars that much but here i can drink a beer and smoke weed at the same time without being kicked out. Can't remember much from the times i visited but good memories. And nice to hear they gonna continue at a new location.

This is what electricity boxes should look like.



That's all folks ..

Thanks for your time

And have a good day


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I nearly missed that piggy train conductor hiding on the end! He is a very nice touch, I can understand the logic of just leaving a name tag though. There used to be some great works of art on a nearby underpass, but the council kept painting over it until all any one left was basic tags.

Those electricity boxes are just amazing - I would love one of those on my street!


Hey thanks for your comment,

Yes i understand that people like to tag. We do quite the same only online. However going world wide while your pieces might be cleaned the next week. I dont know not my thing. But its cool to see:)

Indeed too bad that most of the pieces get painted over rapidly, understandable in a lot of cases though. Therefore one of the reasons i like to put them on the blockchain they can delete that :)

Good day there!

That’s quite colourful. Graffiti catches the attention. I have noticed here in Mumbai too that even if a place is dirty or ordinary, these arts do make the place interesting.


Hi there,

Yes it can make a huge difference. Maybe share some Mumbai art again..

Good day there

Nice @markush,and welcome back-)


Thanks man fijn weeken daar

Beautiful view...
Amazing photography...

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That's pretty cool Markush. Drink beer and smoke weed while admiring the street art. 😋


I dont drink that often though. A few times a year tops. And in 2017 i drunk no alcohol at all. But yes when i shot those photo's, i strolled around smoking weed :)

Have a good day there.