Use unique ways to go viral!

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To get noticed, you must stand out from the crowd. If you swim with the crowd, you’re lost in the minnow’s  multitude shoal. 

It is great to be different:

Just think about it. Each of us has different personalities, skills, talents, etc. To prove that, our fingerprints are different and there are differences in our DNA make up too. 

So why not use our differences to our advantage. And be grateful for our particular ways of doing things. Don’t ever be ashamed of your differences! When you are different, you’re special in your own right! 

For example… 

How artists become famous:

When an artist paints what other artists are painting, the galleries judge their work against what all other run-of-the-mill artists are doing. That makes you part of a trend that soon loses its glory when the trend changes! 

But if you have your own style of painting you are accepted as the master of that technic. And the more bold, dramatic and different your style is, the more famous you are. You then become the creator of trends

I’m sure you’ve seen crazy way-out art at some time or other. And how those artists were made out as some sort of genius! It doesn’t seem logic, but it happens. 

Crazy, mad, way-out Stuff:

So it is in the case of the internet … different styles of posting tend to go viral! 

  • So what is it about crazy stuff? The shock affects people’s logic senses. They react to the madness! 
  • And have you noticed? If you think crazy way-out, you bound to think up new fascinating stuff. 

What is the sure way to get noticed?

Pushing the boundaries of the emotional shock button! 

  • People have to be emotionally involved, before they will react! 
  • All their senses have to be involved, before their emotions are triggered off. 

So what affects our senses?

  1. People are also affected by temperature. They don’t like to feel cold or too hot. If there is a contrast of warm colours against warm colours, it has a big impact on the mood of their senses. 
  2. Also the simple contrast of textures and shapes. Meme cartoons are a perfect example of this. 
  3. And… people love to gossip. What they are really doing is comparing differences! Comparing lies with truth! Subconsciously people seek knowledge so they can compare the facts.  
  4. Aaaw, and people love action. That is why they sit before TV and watch action packed movies. If a movie is slow, they instantly switch channels! Just like, people don’t like a book if it starts off with slow moving dribble. 

The way you say things is important. The tone and quality of words and how they are stung together can tip the scales in people’s feelings. And music adds to the mood

Don’t do what everyone else is doing:

  • Be different and unique. Do things that are fascinating and dramatic. 
  • Push boundaries by saying things that are startling, unexpected and out of this world. 
  • Have a haw-wow amazing awesome affect on people. Use persuasive dynamic dramatic words that get peoples attention. 
  • Try to be the first `kid on the block’ to have avante-garde new stuff. You want people to say, “Have you seen this… you’ve got to check it out!” 

For example:

Disney didn’t only become famous for their cartoon movies. It was the magic that they provided. And that also… made the Harry Potter films so popular! 

Also look at how Walt Disney uses colour, shapes and movement with music… the lovely interplay of warm and cool colours. 

So what is so magic about you?

How do you think, talk, write and post?  

What type of fascinating `picture do you paint’ when you write up your own posts? 

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I learn something new in every post you sharing

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Sometimes I worry about the things I say. Because it's basically nothing new. Just another way of saying it. But because it is said differently, somewhere in it, a new cord of thought makes a new impression. And that new way of thinking makes it a WOW-moment. And can change one's life forever!


Many times it's not just what you say it's more how you say it

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There... you have it. Some people are natural comedians! They just know what makes people laugh. Others know how to add drama to a silly little thing or event. I admire that.

yes, of course in a unique way it will be easy to get attention for everyone


Yip, it's a `crazy world we live in master Jack!'

It is important that Use unique ways to go viral. Everyone has it's unique charatristics and different. different personalities, skills, talents, etc. These things make you different from others. Try to make these thing in you ways.


It's those people who think differently, generally stand out as being different. But it all depends on how we are different that counts! ;)
As long as we uplift and help others we are on the right track. Adding magical happy things for others to enjoy and laugh with happiness.

Yes it is very easy and unique way to go viral. You perform your family or colleage funchion. Your confidence is to much high. Many great ways to go viral. You perform something peoples attention to you. I always follow your viral ways. One day i m gone viral. Thanks for sharing. @artguru.


It's so easy to know how to do it, but the ultimate result depends on the blogger's personality & creative innovative ability behind the knowledge.

In this posts you pointed out some points very cleverly. These things are informative.

  1. unique ways to go viral.
  2. How artists become famous.
  3. Magical anout you.
  4. Do something different.
  5. And something about painters.
    Awesome post.

You certainly went through the post and assessed it!
And its great to think in magical ways, hey!

Very useful writing. I have used all my skills and abilities to write. But the results have not been so encouraging. Maybe I have to learn a lot from you, friend.


The results don't usually come instant. Much of the time it's a hit and miss. We may know what should be done, but the special ingredient is the producer of the posts. Their inner magic. Their sense of humour and the way they look at life. The instinct to what is needed at the right time and how to say it.
So we have to practice often, until it comes naturally... until we think and breathe funky go-viral stuff.

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