Think wacky… to go viral!

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Only the `crazy’ know how to instinctively make things go viral, because they see the world from a whole different perspective.

Get to know yourself:

Not as other people see you. But rather that inner person… that has been crying to come out for all these years. 

  • What makes you tick? What makes you smile, laugh and cry? 
  • Get to know how you feel about things. How you see the world around you? 
  • When you are in a mood, how do you handle it? Or re-act to bad situations? 

After all this time, have you been true to yourself? 

Now let that person out:

Allow that special person in you come out. Be that person you always wanted to be. Once you accept yourself, the whole world opens up to you and you feel fearless, to be yourself. 

You begin to understand other people more, and the wacky things they do. Once you understand that, you will be able to touch their hearts and make your posts go viral. 

It’s okay to be wacky:

It takes you to another dimension of reality. That is, a deeper understanding of the underlying facts… the vital thread or drama that’s actually running through what has been happening, in each situation you come across and how to write about it. 

Wacky is fun:

Humour gets us through most things. Laughter takes the sting out of serious situations. That’s why, people love to be given opportunities to giggle and laugh out loud. 

  • The fact is you must be able to laugh at life yourself… to make your posts go viral. 
  • The reason why our posts don’t go viral… is that we are too serious! 
  • Think wacky… then you will see the humour lurking in the most unusual places and circumstances. 
  • How you look at the world and a sense of humour is the key factor to your success. 

Run goofy, quirky, way-out stuff: 

If you like creating cartoon images and memes, you have an open avenue to impress people with things that have people `rolling in the isles’.  

Shock and amuse. Do crazy shenanigans, whatever. Poke fun at the funny silly things people do. And turn it around in such a way that people can even laugh at themselves too. 

Pets and animals sometimes do the silliest things. Their cute expressions often evokes ideas you could add a caption to, that implies the pet is making the darnest cleverest comment.  

Sometimes corrupt grammar and non-sense done on purpose, makes more sense than perfection. Why? Because we all know that each of us at some time or other has made mistakes! The human factor can be very appealing at times. 

Running ads:

Have you noticed, the best TV ads, have been those with a cute or wacky behaviour mixed in? 

  • One of the TV ads I enjoyed so much was a family of mongooses popping up alongside a road. Standing straight up with their paws neatly in front, turning their heads, this way and that way (the cute way they do) to view the cars passing by on the road. 
  • The latest one is a boxer dog, looking serious when his owner talks about the finance benefits that can be had in our human world. 
  • Another ad was a chap looking in the fridge for (artificial) powered cream. When his wife shouts out, that it isn’t in the fridge… it’s on top! That depicts the silly things we do and likely to happen in any household! 

That requires:

Knowing your audience, who are you playing to? What would they laugh at and find amusing things that you could use?  

For example, a farmer would see things differently to a city dweller. And what would be the difference between a dentist and restaurant cook?! An artist and a magician with his wand! 

  • This requires been very observant of life’s funny twists and turns and unusual events. 
  • Always having your camera on hand… or a small note pad in your pocket or in your handbag. 
  • Never taking things at face-value and looking at things more deeply. Is there perhaps another factor involve that you may have missed? 
  • Having another angle or view on life. To be able to see the wacky and funny side of life. 
  • The ultimate ingredient… using your imagination. That means having wacky thoughts! 

Have you ever noticed, it’s usually the crazy people who tend succeed in life! 

  • They are crazy enough to do the things they do, against all odds. 
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Ammm like always you made me think a bit

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Your inner is the real you, But You can't make it come out because of the people around you!

Don't think what these people will think, just be what you are and you will see the success.


When I was young, I used to worry about what other people thought. Then one day I realized each of us is special in our own right. And that I must use what talents I have to make my own life full. And happiness was up to me. So why let others dictate what I should do or not do. From there on life was more exciting and fulfilling.

Going viral is not easy, but if you follow your heart and mind and write what you really want to write. You will definitely go viral.


What you say, is what this post is all about: Following our inner heart. And having fun with what intrigues us.

To go viral you must observe your environment seeing what is trending and try adding value in best way that we make people shift there attention towards what you have made.

Get to know what motivate people, what brings out their true colors. you know humans are deceitful sometimes, so they always like seeing things being revealed about them.


People are always scared to say what others may reject. But in truth we all seem to fall for the same old mistakes, dramas, etc that people have been doing for ions. When we recognize we all do those things, then we willingly laugh at the silly things others do, because it is only human to fall into the trap of silliness.

Your suggestions are very useful for me, friend ... I will try to do it. I really want my writing to be viral. . Thank you @artguru .

You always put effort to teach us how we can go viral with our blog, great tips.

I thought that why yor are thinking about ingredient that's mean wacky thought using the ultimate ingredient

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