Successful people are focused!

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Don’t just float through life hoping this or that may happen. Perhaps and luck has nothing to do with it!


Your purpose for living:

Even though we care for others, or what they may think of you.  YOU personally, can’t survive if you don’t set your mind on what’s important to you in this life. 

So what do you intend to do with your life? Play around and get nowhere fast!? Working in a drudgery job, year in and year out?! Or have fun doing what you love doing most?! 

To make it work for you:

You must have a good reason to wake up in the morning and get excited about going to work on your project. 

       And… Oh, yes… you want your project or website to go viral! 

Know what your objectives are, to go viral:

  • What are you intentions? What do you propose to do? And what will help you go viral with that?
  • What do you think will be the possible outcome? And how will you handle that? 
  • Things must be well thought out and planned, before a decision is made and taken. 

How will the world take to what you do?

It’s no use doing something, if people out there don’t appreciate it or really need it. 

So know… what is really happening out in the world? 

Watch the news:

Be aware of what is happening around you and out in the world. Watch and concern yourself with the signs of the times (Matthew 16:3) and be prepared with the reality of it all.

  • How will you handle it? 
  • What are people doing? What do you think they need most? 
  • What is the hottest news at present? Check the Google search ratings, and #hashtags on Twitter.
  • How do people re-act to what’s happening or been said? Will that help you to know how to write your article? 

Put your own spin on it:

  • Take the reality of it and go wild with it. Say it your way. Use powerful jargon that grips people’s attention. 
  • Illustrate and draw a simple cartoon image, title it and post it on the most active social media platforms. 
  • Take a photo you have of what happened, and give it a dynamic caption that says it all. 
  • Always have your cellphone charged and with you for sudden activity or drama. Even the police would like to have the evidence it will reveal. 
  • If you were lucky (or perhaps unlucky) to be at the scene of the event, post your cellphone video of it! You will be the revered person for been right there, to have seen the event and have taken a video of it. Every TV broadcaster will want you talking about it and how it all happened. 

Be genuine and authentic: 

It’s important to build trust. Add facts and statistics where ever possible. Providing evidence puts logic and reasoning into play.  

People like to have the true facts when they gossip! They like been the cool dude that has all the facts. 

Feature well known personalities in your content. Be wise and careful how you word it, you don’t want them to sue you either! 

… The last touch! 

Extra awareness:

Can you add a quip or antidote to what’s in the news? Perhaps in the middle of an event there was a silly or ironic thing that happened that you could take and expand on, and run with it? 

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In the key to success or along the path to success. Been focus is one of the most important thing to have. Focus to succeed or distracted to fail

You get more done when you are focused.
But that requires catching up on whats happening in the world, so you are not left behind.
Doing research, re-assessing what you are doing and where you can improve, keeps you up out there.

I tried to work on this part and still struggling I wonder if you can help by sharing your experience;

"To make it work for you:
You must have a good reason to wake up in the morning and get excited about going to work on your project.

   And… Oh, yes… you want your project or website to go viral!"

I'm doing a whole series on going viral. So I'll be filling in more facts and things a person can do to achieve their go-viral goals. I also do other series and each one has it's own icon image to follow.
As I said we have to have a reason to do the things we do. What is most important to you, that you get very excited about and can't wait to get out of bed for in the mornings? If you haven't any passion about something, your life is aimless and empty.
My passion is art. That gives me a feeling of joy when I'm painting.
But I also enjoy sharing what I know that works for me... it may work for others too.
I found with teaching, my students also taught me things. So sharing works both ways.
So its fun for me to get on my computer and share my experiences with others.
Those are my passions that make life for me worthwhile and to get up in the morning `to do my thing'.

The more I am getting older the less I find joy in things, my daughter is the new addition in the family and has the magic to get me out of bed on one call. Next is crypto trading, this excites me and I enjoy trading emotions in form of coins :)

Thanks for sharing how positive and motivated you are and the way you are enjoying your life :)

Don't tell anyone... but I'm no longer young either!
When I was a young mother, someone told me that I must start a hobby while my family is young. So when they grow up and leave home, I won't get the `empty syndrome' affect.
At first my in-laws were nasty about me spending some time on painting and how it was so important to me.
That wasn't true of cause... I gave up fame and fortune (you can ask the gallery owners!) for my children, until they were much older.
But my art and writing books on art, was the reason I would get up in the mornings!
Check my website: Before there were free art book downloads. I've downsized it, and presently redesigning it again.
So I've had a full and interesting life... and my children are fantastic people in their own right.

Hey, my mother was ill and on bed rest. That is why I was unable to catch this comment and reply.

I saw the link you have shared but your website is down. I am also in the same industry i.e. design and development. Let me know if you need help here, I can design the art books for you and can keep your website update and running i.e. maintenance. Here is the link to my website

all what you have said in the post is true without living any point behind. No matter what people think about you, you shouldn't let what they believe cloud your judgement about your life. Nobody can tell you how to leave your life though they can advise but not to order your life.

You obviously read my reply to @purple.parrot.
It's your own life and what you do with it is important how it turns out.

I don't even look, I wish I could.

Keep following this go viral series and you will.

Successful are very series in his life. And also ful focused on his work.Focus on your work is very important for your success. And go will be viral. Otherwise you can't achieve your life goals. And never gone viral. Personally i really your this best series. Hardworking are also key of your success. Thanks for sharing.@artguru.

Know what you want out of life. Doing what you like best for a job, makes it worth getting up in the morning and going to work. It's like going out to play everyday!

Exactly! Nothing is going to just come to us, the more we wait and wallow the less will happen! If we want something then WE have to go and get it! Put in the work, have belief, get up and keep going and anything is possible 😀🌅

But we are more effective if we have a goal or mission that is really important to work on. Because it fires us up and gets us going. Never a dull moment in our lives.

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