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No one will see your post or photo, unless you inject it with peculiar spectacular dimension, that’s sure to bust the internet floodgates.

In future:

Think of your posts as having the right mixture of infectious `germ spores’!  

That is, creating strong formulations of spores to turn your posts into go-viral epidemics.  

What are those `germ spores’?

The nine senses: Hear, smell, taste, sight, touch, sound, mood, intuition and emotions! 

And what turns those senses on?

  • Intellect logic (balance of (left and right brain functions) 
  • Symbolic boldness of form, line and contour shapes, for factual recognition and acceptance. 
  • Contrast of tone and certain colour combinations, for emotional impact. 
  • Visual action and animation movement. 
  • Texture contact. Something `juicy’ and desirable. 
  • Unique and original. Something un-expected and dramatic. 

Germs spread quicker in the right environment:

So it is with your posts or images. Plant your `germs’ in the right `soil’ to allow them to grow `gossip tall-tales’ that spread worldwide 

So where should you plant them?

  • Where the `temperature’ is the warmest! 
  • Where there are crowds of people and where people are sure to see them!  
  • Where, people are frantically looking for stuff that is dynamically interesting, full of drama or hilariously funny. 
  • Where everything is happening and the action is. 

The best place now-a-days is…

Yes… you guessed it: Popular internet social media platforms! 

  • Choose a platform where people will expect to find your type of topic or humour. 
  • On platforms with the same basic topic theme as you are projecting. Depending of cause of its creative nature. 
  • Not only where your friends and family will chuckle and pass it on with gleeful hearts.
  • But also where the TV guys are looking for great newsy stuff to present. 

That is not all… 

Brand it as yours!

If it’s what you are proud of and what you do… brand it with your logo icon emblem, before posting it. 

  • f you website and product is a popular platform or a `household’ item, people will recognize the emblem and accept your post as trustworthy and evidence of credibility. 
  • And seeing your emblem, they will follow the link back to your website to see more of the same. 

Provide value for money:

When writing up and creating cartoon images, etc., give people the best quality content. Stuff worth reading, buying into and re-steeming! 

  • That means putting a lot of time, energy and research into what you create as a post.  
  • Always have something special or new in the content that people will benefit from. 
  • Even if it’s old stuff, that most people know, present it differently, in ways that make it dynamic and bound to get people thinking more profoundly about the subject or concept. 

Time of posting factor:

  • It is said, working people are inclined to catch up with social platforms on Mondays and Tuesdays. 
  • And family stuff: usually on Friday evenings and over the weekend. 
  • Instant response: Be prepared to react to the latest world news, on the `drop-of-the-hat’ or `from the word go’.  

Keeping on your toes!

  • That means been always been sensitive to what people want to hear and see. 
  • Always be really to expand your imagination. To enable you to come up with a good quip, on any matter that possibly arises. 
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Sometimes people just want to have some fun and a post which include some fun things can make them happy and it also can go viral.


Aaah, but injecting it with the right formula, brings quicker and easier results.
Why struggle trying to think up ways to get your posts to go viral, when you can use a brilliant formula. Stringing the right words together makes all the difference!

Thank you for your advice, friend ... I am motivated after reading your writing. I will try it.


Glad you found something is this post that you feel you can use.

By choosing the right topic and audience to post to and the social platform to use as a medium to reach your target audience is also important @artguru

Some logic in your post is very very important. Otherwise peoples can not see your videos or photos. I always learn from your post. Your this series is very valuable for us. Thanks for sharing.@artguru.

Today have learnt something new.. I thought we only has 5 senses but now I have realised they are 9. Thanks

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Strong thinking and writing at the top
Great publication artguru

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I hope you enjoy all that, hehe

There should be a grammy award for motivated post and you should win one on steemit. Thansk for sharing this

hopefully there will always be open floodgates

hopefully what we hope will open, the floodgates should be opened