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How to get people to remember you and your website or product! And come around again for more…

A long remembered jingle:

Years ago there was an advert on the TV here in South Africa that is still remembered with fondness and brings out happy smiles whenever someone mentions it. 

It went something like this… ꭉꭉ…Braaivleis and sunny skies and Chevrolet… ꭉꭉ… 

  • The jingle and words of the tune brought out happy memories of braaing (cooking) meat (vleis) and sausages, etc outdoors on an open fire.  
  • Not only that, but it was reflection of the good old days. The good times families had enjoyed together, gathered around the fire, chattering, laughing, eating, drinking and even singing
  • Symbolically, it’s the traditional way of life here in South Africa in the summertime. Also it depicts the feeling of freedom and peace that relaxing outdoors gives you. 
  • The jingle and tune sets up a picture in your mind, even before you saw the Chevrolet car displayed on the TV screen, parked alongside the braaivleis setting. 
  • The setting had people laughing, with the smoke of the braai mingling with the atmospheric beauty of the setting sun warm rays. 

The result:

The easy-going jaunty melody and describe words, plus the warm happy atmospheric scene, produced a remember-able picture of a happy carefree lifestyle that we all longed for. 

 The rhythmic beat of the tune and the words of the ad have never been forgotten. 

  • Note the ad’s tune included the name of the product. 
  • So when hearing or singing the ad’s melody, you can’t help but associate it with the product. And that makes people remember the product too. 
  • The ad’s tune had the right descriptive and doing words to suit the product. And the string of words, flowed out effortlessly as you sing it. 
  • The song brings out the desire to have a picnic-like carefree lifestyle the Chevrolet car can bring you. 

What turns people on?

Take note of the importance of the words used.  

  • People may hear words, but they in fact think in pictures! So `draw’ those thrilling pictures in people’s minds with the type of words you use.  
  • Carefree chatter and warm cheerful conditions make people feel comfortable and relaxed. They relate that to a particular type of lifestyle. 
  • When people are emotionally involved they remember stuff more effectively. 

That’s not all:

The tune not only adds sparkle to the name of the product, but when people see a Chevrolet car, they automatically think and associate that make of car with a particular lifestyle… with happiness. 

So when you publish your website,

…Add sparkle and glamour to it… a place where everyone wants to be. 

  • Make sure they can see your facial image, and add a mission statement that promotes what you do. And how your mission benefits people out there as well.  
  • You portray your lifestyle in the way you talk and the things you do. A chirpy happy person portrays fun.  
  • Add action and emotional enthusiasm to the words you use. So they remember and  associate your image with the lifestyle they would love to have themselves too. 
  • Give them `a piece ‘of your lifestyle, by letting them see what you do. Show them how it’s done, so they too can feel they can achieve that lifestyle as well. 
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Hi dear @artguru you write a very interesting story about past times its correct that the old people were sit together and eat food together and enjoyed the music it's great time when they were alive a big family together. But now different metter people have like to live alone no enjoyment together sitting down in the park and eating with them.


Yes, I notice people picnic in parks for family events. Maybe because the flats/apartments are too small these days for the families to get together in.

Really very interesting writing. I hope to follow what you say, friend. But I only manage this steemit blog. I don't think there is a need to install interesting songs and other products. Enjoy your day my friend.


The happy way you write and the easy flow of words, is you tune, is what people remember you by.

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