How to use revelations!

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In the last `go viral’ post, we learnt how to mediate and get inspiration… now it’s about, how to develop those… 

WOW-concepts or gems of knowledge:

It’s no use getting revelation knowledge if we don’t do something about and with them, hey! 

This is how you do it:

Allow those bright ideas to blossom: 

  1. Sit down at your computer and start writing in those exciting ideas that you got through your mediation that you received earlier. 
  2. PLEASE NOTE: Don't post it in Steemit or your website straight away right now. Post it later, when it's properly prepared and groomed.
  3. As you type, add in any additional stuff that comes to mind. And add it to the original concepts. At this stage it’s just a process of getting your thoughts down. 
  4. If it seems a jumble of mismatch stuff at first, don’t worry, you can always eliminate the un-connected stuff later. 
  5. Have an open mind as you work. Don’t worry about if things come to mind or not. Don’t push the flow. Just enjoy been part of it. Like playing a game, play your cards as they come. 
  6. You will see how more thoughts start to flow naturally into your mind as you type. 
  7. Be brave and have fun adding exhilarating words to enhance your sentences. Because you’re venturous with your thinking, your mind switches on and becomes forward thinking.  
  8. If necessary move your sentences around to make more sense. That’s what is so wonderful about computers. You can re-arrange things and sentences, to make more sense of what you are trying to say. 
  9. Evolution occurs as you work. Things you won’t have thought of yourself before, start coming through. Astonishing as it may seem, go with it, as you do your part in the process. You will see things unfold, as if `before your very eyes’.  
  10. Looking at the result you suddenly realize… WOW! … that … isn’t you, but Some-one else that’s feeding you all this wonderful info. 

(This wonderful experience always amazes me!

Never waste a gift!

That fact is, God wants to see how much you’re committed before more knowledge is forthcoming. 

The Holy Spirit assists those who tune in and do something with what gifts they are given (Matthew 25:15 and Luke 19:13). 

Additional facts:

Not all things are given at once. As you continue to process things in your mind, other ideas pop into your mind. 

This can happen after you have closed your computer and going off to do something else (housework perhaps). Somehow your mind doesn’t want to shut off just yet… maybe because you’re so tuned in and motivated about your topic. 

Write them down straight away on a piece of paper or notepad, so you don’t forget them. When you are back on your computer again, you can add and fit them into your blog. 

  • These extra thoughts generally are the ones that enrich your blog. They are bound to be the go-viral element! 

Gathering facts:

You may also find you have to do some more research to tidy up and `groom’ your topic. 

  • List the facts you have gathered and put them in orderly sequence. After a while you will see more topic themes start to emerge as you slot them into their topic importance or activity line up.
  • Don’t stop there. Test things out for yourself. To see how they actually work, before sharing those facts or theories with others. 
  • Some things may need more technical support to make them work. Don’t give up on yourself, learn how to do those things. New skills are always welcome! 

Because to go viral:

  • You need to know what you are talking about and how to do things. 
  • And draw upon the best points to enrich your blog.  
  • Having your research organized in an orderly sequence, it helps you to put your blog content in it’s proper sequence of logic and events.  
  • And that makes it easy for people to understand your thought processes. And easier to read and follow through on. 
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You have some great points here i assume that is the right way to use it


Sometimes there isn't a right way... but rather the way you feel more comfortable with!

Very good suggestions, freind . I can only write ideas that come to my mind when I'm alone and the situation must be quiet. Therefore I like to write in steemit when it's late at night. And at that time the revelation for me came.


Personally I'm too tired at night to do anything. In the mornings I'm fresh, and in the afternoons I like to paint. Need light to paint.

very interesting with this guide, I will try well to use it


Glad to be of help. Have fun playing with your thoughts and words.

Yes need to read again and again what are you writing, is it according to the people who are visiting your website or it lacks, You need to update or remove any mistake you find.


I see you are referring to point number two. A lot of people write directly into their Steemit blog area.
It is best to prepare all your posts in advance. So when you do get to post you can double check them and correct anything that needs changing or perhaps something additional that comes to mind when you do your revision, before posting it.
:) Even then we sometimes miss a mistake!!

Wao another post of my favourite series. We always try our best in our life. You find interesting and amazing thing in your post. And go your post viral. You suggest us very great guid line. Peoples use this guilline in his life. Your posts always helps us. Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


And I enjoy having you come around to see what I'm posting. Hope this post will help you.
I sometimes wonder if people understand what I'm trying to convey and if they actually try what I suggest.

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This is great. Whenever i read your post, i always gain something from your post anytime