How going viral works!

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When we understand how viral germs spread, we’ll understand how to make our posts go viral, more effectively.


How germs go viral:

  • When germs infect a host they spread rapidly… if the host isn’t healthy. Like pests taking hold of weak under nourished plants in your garden! 
  • The victim host’s body must be in a suitable condition (environment) for it to enter, vibrate, divide and take over. 
  • When the infection is full bloom, it searches for another host to spread even further. The more vulnerable the person or animal, the quicker the virus spreads.
  • But a epidemic can’t spread, if it can’t find and prey on weak people or animals.
  • And if there is an antidote or antibiotic, it is blocked in its tracks. 

What does that tell you? 

  • When posting something, it must be infected with the right persuasive `germ’ words. 
  • You need to post it to the right suitable favourable social media network. 
  • Where there are several persons to see it, and pass on the dramatic word or exciting informative video. 
  • The headlines and facts within the content of your post needs to touch, connect and vibrate within the souls of people emotionally. 
  • The germ (content) of the post needs to be developed and exaggerated dramatically, to vibrate people’s senses and feelings before it can go viral. 
  • And the reason why a post doesn’t go viral is because the post isn’t seen as sensational or hilariously infectious.  
  • The person who creates the post hasn’t created a fantastic infectious post, worthy of been posted. 

And how do we create that infectious vibration?

  • For people to be able to digest what the post is all about… it has to be clear, bold and simple.
  • Uncomplicated, short, easy to read and quickly absorbed.  
  • The more obvious and direct it is, the quicker it gets passed on. 
  • And if the content is really shocking, hilarious, bizarre, dramatic and emotional, the faster the speed it will travel around the world. 

What else did you notice?

For one thing, PEOPLE. They are the ones we are appealing to. We have to consider how they will respond to what we post. 

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Combination of your efforts makes your post viral, first of you need to choose domain related to your niche, then you need to write content including your keyword, then sharing to the right audience is also important.

As the series is evolving, I am going into many facts related to going viral. And so every avenue of going viral will be addressed in time. And with the comments made here, will be noted and expanded on when the topic arises.

Very great and valuable series. I really like your your viral series. Something interesting in your post is very important. Otherwise your post can not be viral. Peoples always like to watch very interesting topics. I think today's interesting topics is our politics. Thanks for sharing this amazing series. @artguru.

Some of the things I say may be heard of before, but have to be strongly consider again, because we tend to forget how important they are.
I found if we think we know everything, there is always something we miss, because we don't think deeply about what we read, have seen or heard. So I watch and listen very carefully for those hidden germs of knowledge that could make all the difference in my life. It's like been hungry for knowledge!

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