Have a good reason… to Go Viral !

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It’s no use wanting to go viral, unless you know what you intend to do, once your first post has gone viral!


“But everyone wants their thing to go viral”

I can hear you say that! 

But… for what purpose? 

  • Maybe it’s to put your website on the map BIG time? 
  • You want to sell stuff on your website and earn mullah bucks? 
  • Build a great following. 
  • Become well-known for what you do and become famous? 
  • Up your business and sale ratings? What? 

Don’t work dilly-willy forever and a day!

Up till now you have been working on possibilities! Doing the same old stuff, day after day, year in and year out and getting nowhere. Why waste all that time?! It’s like you are just playing around. You could be doing better things.  

You must have a purpose for what you’re doing, to drive you. That is, an important element that gives you a direct shot at your goal. And what inspires others to continue following you. 

So what is your motive?

  You must have one. You must know what it is that grips people attention. 

  • That gives them a motive,

...for coming back to your website, over again and again. Otherwise there is no reason for been on the internet?! 

Once you know what it is:

You can aim more directly into the heart of the internet. 

  • Know what type of group of people to aim at, who will most probably `buy into’ what you are posting or selling. 
  • If you know their type of background, or career,  you will understand what they needs are, and be able to accommodate their desires and cravings. 
  • You’ll more likely be able to cipher and use their jargon. For each type of career or skill there is a certain trend of words they use. 

Using that knowledge:

  • Once you know their jargon `language’, the way they think and their behaviour pattern, you’re more likely be able to reach their intellect and get through to them. 
  • When someone talks the same jargon `language’ as yourself, you can easily relate to what they say and do. Isn’t that so?! Well that’s how the public also relates and response to you. 
  • Using that knowledge, you can bridge the gap between you and the people out there on the internet. 

Now what are you going to do with what went viral?

Are you going to let it be a once-off bit of fame? Something silly, that is forgotten in a few days! 

Or are you going to use it? Even promote it? 

Think like a billionaire:

Get organized and put things into action

  • Continue to produce exciting stuff. Give people value and quality for money. Stuff that will reach out to the ends of the earth! 
  • What you produce says a lot about you. It will be recognized, and that is what you will become
  • Whatever you do, that becomes your hallmark and brand. Because people have long memories when it suits them! 
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Yes I guess once someone has an idea or motive, they can then begin to push it forward in the right ways to the target audience. It’s all marketing really isn’t it, and being smart minded when doing so!:)

Going viral is more than the usual marketing. It providing high-end drama, fantastic humour, etc. And it's dynamic in it's impact because people can easily relate to it.

Yeah you are absolutely right. Everyone wants their things go viral beacause everyone hardworking for it. Everyone hopes his effort they give some reward. Everyone wants money to spend his life good and levelized. Some peoples efford gives reward or some not. You try your and God gives you best. Really cool and valuable post. Thanks for sharing. @artguru.

Yes, we maybe working hard for it. But do we ever get anywhere with all that slog? When there are quicker and better ways of getting what we want, by using go-viral tactics?!

Once you go viral, there is need to keep the pace and maintain balance. You have to develop in what your are doing so as to keep the audience or supporters at all time if you are to achieve excellence and keep the Audience to yourself in anything you are doing at all. If you want to discourage overtaken.

The point is: Your motive must`push the right buttons' to keep people coming back for more.

I like the part when you saying " get organized and put things into action" !

Getting your `ducks in the row' is a great thing to get things going. You can see clearly what needs to be done. And gives you confidence because you feel you have a route you can easily work on.

I have focused in your article the most "jargon language". And I said yes if someone talk the same language -same way of thinking- with me it could take my high attention. I could think he has the most aware of my needs or requests. Good point..

Yes, we must talk the right jargon to peek people's sense of humour, touch their hearts, get them really thinking about what you have posted.

True that we try to impress others but with wrong motives

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Sometimes we think we are impressing people, but in fact it's only a drop in the ocean, compared with what you could really do, if you put more oomph into your project!

So sweet life

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You are right. Everybody want to go viral. Everybody want to be rewarded for its effort