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People follow those who are pleasant, efficient, dynamic, well-informed and have good leadership qualities.

Leadership qualities:

  • It’s easy to follow someone, if they give out clear instructions.
  • True leaders don’t fumble around and waste time. They get to the point quickly and decisively. 
  • You feel you can trust them and feel confident to follow them because they seem to know what they are doing. 

So let’s be effective in what we do:

When writing up blogs: 

  • Start with a draft to get your basic thoughts down. Write spontaneously to allow you mind to work and express itself freely.  
  • Afterwards cut out the dribble, the unnecessary stuff… like weeding a garden… before your post it. 
  • Even though it’s important to keep your post short, it must be interesting and have something worth reading to hold people’s attention. 
  • So get to the point quickly with your title and sub-title. So People have some idea of what to expect from your post. 

Here is an example:

I remember, years ago, my sister was going out with someone and he said something that has always stuck in my mind.  

He said, “Don’t start in the middle of your story and waffle on about this and that. No one will know what you are talking about… unless you start with a title and basic description of what you are going to say. Do that first, and then tell your story of what really happened!” 

If your topic title sounds fascinating, people with baited breathe, will want to know what happened next. That is…  

  • Your tale of the adventure comes after the news-headlines! 

Videos and podcasts:

  1. Avoid long videos. They take too long to download. 
  2. Videos must start with a bang, dramatic action that pulls people into the `story’ quickly. 
  3. If you are doing a demonstration video, cut out the unnecessary dull in between stuff, like laying out the tablecloth or dishes! Show the action parts and logically link stages of how to do it. 
  4. Different types of videos require different lengths of time. But generally quirky funny videos shouldn’t run more than 30-60 seconds. 

Ask yourself:

Before preparing and posting your video or blog, consider how you can appeal to the masses: 

  • Will this really appeal to people out there on the internet? 
  • Will they easily follow and understand what the topic is all about? 
  • How many people will want to know about that topic? 
  • What type of person will enjoy what you say? 

So target your audience:

  • Understand what makes people tick? What they care about most, their passions, etc? 
  • If you know what people need and desire most, you will know how to eliminate the unnecessary from your blogs. 
  • If you know how people re-act to things, you won’t post things that would offend them. 

Trend appeal:

People have a funny way of `following the herd’ mentality. For example: A huge percentage of people feel they must wear the latest fashions or have the latest technology, to be with `the in-crowd’ and acceptable socially. 

  • So know what is happening out there, so you can provide the latest in-thing. 
  • Better still, predict the future and be trend maker, to be the producer of the next in-thing. 

Aaah, and let out secrets!

There are so many things that people can’t do, because they don’t know how to do it. 

  • With research and personal experience, let out deep secrets. Help people achieve all those things they have always longed to do or were scared to do before. 
  • Astonish people with facts and statistics. And with that knowledge predict the consequences. Let them in the know, before drastic disaster happens. They will thank you for helping them avoid problems. 
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Nice tips here

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Hello @artguru, how are u doing? You are absolutely right, writing directly to the point will make the reader immediately know what we mean. The sentences that are too long sometimes make the reader bored. Thank you for your advice, my friend. Have a nice day.

Strongly agree that effective and efficient posts go directly to the target point without a lot of frills or niceties that tend to spend time and drain one's mind.

Love your brilliant idea, @artguru. ❤


I often click on a post, only to find there are large blocks of words. That puts me off straight away. I don't feel like ploughing through all that. My impression is: that's sure to boggle my mind!

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@artguru Your thinking is very high, what people do not do to improve the future
But people need a good leader to make a good future. The way you are informing people on this platform.
If similarly everyone keeps on updating some platforms then it can improve.