Don’t worry about your critics!

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Know what you’re about and have joy in doing it. Go out there and do your thing big time. And let negative people fry in their own juice, of their own making.

Your go viral objective:

To stay on track and go viral you must know what you’re about and why. 

  • What is it that you are aiming at
  • And how you will handle it.  
  • And what perspective or foundation are you working from


How much do you value your time and what you do? What does it mean to you? 

You must have passion:

Once you have confidence in what you do, you won’t be intimidated by what your critics may say. 

To boost your ego:

Remember you are the special key that will make your ambition to work. 

  • Think and act positive. That generates good things. You are more likely to get inspiration that way. 
  • Your passion is your strength. And it puts joy into your life. 
  • Positive people write positive stuff. People feel that positivity and respond to it, because subconsciously they want it to rub off onto them too. 

What really hinges on been successful? The secret of success? 

Is boosting other people’s egos!

  • Find ways to help people. 
  • Find stuff to post that makes people laugh and feel happy. 
  • Make people feel important and good about themselves. 
  • Praise the good things they do.  
  • And a hug and pat on the back goes a long way! 

To go viral you must put passion into other people:

Use sensational words like awe, anger, excitement, magic, drama, amusement, silly nonsense, something cute that brings empathy, etc.  

A very useful tip: 

Don’t dwell on sadness.  

You aim is to lift people up, out of their sombre serious and dutiful everyday lives. 

What to write about:

Write about what is lacking in this world: 

  • Write about what no one else is doing, but the world so badly needs. 
  • Think down different avenues and ways to say it. You need an element of surprise.
  • People are looking for exciting news. `Give it to them in spades’. 
  • Add magic: Make it dramatic, fantastic and out of this world. 
  • People love to gossip, so naturally they share what’s new and happening. 

The magic lies in you:

  • All you have to do is bring out that special person you really are. 
  • You are the ingredient that makes things happen. 
  • Search for what is fantastic and great in your life. And use it to your benefit. 
  • Show people what you are made of.  
  • Do the things you love doing and that thrill will be transmitted to others. 
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Smart post , i like that way


We need our posts to go viral, so Steemit will go viral too.


I hope steemit will be much more vital soon

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Yeah you are absolutely right crysis are temporary in our life. You face your crysis with your strong mind. And one day you spend your life again good. Great post. Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


Because you are such a loyal commenter, I would like to share with you...
I had many critics in the past. But when they heard I was successful with what I did, they changed their tune. Some pretend they never criticized me! Others snub me because they were wrong or perhaps jealous...
Yes, like you said... I have much pleasure at what I do. Mostly because I enjoy helping others.


Thanks alot for you kind worlds for me. Yeah you are absolutely right we always helpinf the others and God always helps you.@artguru.

When you're different, sometimes you don't see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn't.


Back home and in our village we may not be seen as anyone special. But out there, there are millions of people who think we are special in what we do. Whether you're a singer or fantastic artist, whatever.
I always smile at that... because back home you're just a mom or dad, who mows the lawn, sweeps the floors, washes clothes or cooks their food!

Has anybody ever seen a drama critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.


Yes they snipe at our backs and try to pull us down, because their minds are dark and better.
If you think about it, people who criticize others, are usually losers!
Maybe if they weren't so negative, they too would have achieved a lot!

We have to welcome criticism in our work to how effective the message you have written. A critic add value to the already written text not especially a poetry. It has a powerful effect on how our content will go viral.


You are also right. As a child and as a young woman, when people criticized me, I used to think... yeah, one day I will show you a thing or two. So maybe because of that, it has strengthened my resolve and made me what I'm today.

You need a high degree of corruption or a very big heart to love absolutely everything


If you have gone through hard times, in your endeavour to achieve your hearts desire, you have more compassion for those you are starting out, trying to achieve their hearts desire too. And you have a greater appreciation of the beauty all around you.

Thank you so much for the motivation. Passion is the fuel of success and satisfaction

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Passion is what drives us to do what we do. But to others it may seem we're eccentric or even crazy.
Aaah, that's what they miss out on. Eccentric people are those who get places in this world.

Don’t Let Critics Pick You Apart


The way you put it, it sounds like critics are like vultures! He, he!

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