Be ready to be inspired!

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Feel you aren’t getting anywhere? Most of us don’t realize what lies dormant and undeveloped within us. This blog is how to start using them. 

We’re the secret element,

That will push us into our future success, if we only knew it. But here we are… feeling despondent.

Don’t feel despondent anymore. There are ways of being inspired. 

Let’s look into our inner-selves:

What is it that we `burn’ to do? How do we feel about it? 

Not feeling anything?

There are many ways of receiving revelation. But let me show you a trick you can use to get going on. You could say it’s sort of a beginners course.

  1. You mind mustn’t be full of busy thoughts. It’s important that you withdraw and block out any worldly concerns and worries you may have.  
  2. And you mustn’t have ugly or anger thoughts in your mind either, for this to work for you. The fact is, God’s goodness can’t ride together with evil, if you want Spiritual guidance. You can’t serve two masters at the same time (Matthew 6:24) 
  3. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet outdoors peaceful place. Focus on the enlightening sunrays that are reflecting on leaves and flowers, etc. Sunlight gives you a happy feeling. It works best in the early morning when everything is calm and your mind feels fresh and relaxed. 
  4. See those highlights and rim-lights the sun is creating on the plants? See them as sparkles of joy and uplifting feelings of hope! Can you feel that? 
  5. And soak in that ambiance. Relax. Feel the atmospheric mood trigger deep feelings within you. Can you feel the freedom of your soul? The feeling that anything is possible. 
  6. Now, let the seeds of revelation slip through unobstructed. Open your soul and invite them in. Don’t rush it. Allow peaceful feelings to seep in and enlighten your inner soul. 

I know this may sound crazy to you at first,

But it works for me. It’s how I get WOW-moments and ideas to surface and write about. 

And if you do this often enough for yourself, you’ll begin to feel your inner spirit connect with the beauty and Creator of Nature. Your life is lifted out of worries and you cope better. 

You can see why it is so important to work in a peaceful environment. 

Why does it work?

Inspiration is a Spiritual gift, given to those who are willing to open-up their soul and let inspiration freely flow in. God open doors we can’t open! 

When ideas start pouring in,

Make quick brief notes of them straight away, before you lose their WOW-factor they’re conveying to you. And let the POWER of them generate and full you with deeper understanding. 

Relaxed like that, you’ll see your imagination is also stimulated and other thoughts start to come in too.  So fast, it’s unbelievable! Your mind starts to wiz along at high speed! 

You can work straight away on them or later, depending of cause on your day’s activities. 

But right now, write down the thoughts that come to you, quickly, in case you forget. And then you will have a base of facts to work on later. 

Next blog in the go-viral  series:

Learn how to use the revelations you received and WOW-ideas effectively. 

There is too much to cover in just one post! You can copy and print them out together, to use and refer to as often as you like, to remember how to get and use revelations. 

And you can use this method of gaining inspired revelation also for other things in your life… 

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You can see why it is so important to work in a peaceful environment.

I agree with you on this, processing ideas must be down in a quite environment, just like you have said you can't serve two master at a time. Unless you allow your mind to process idea in isolation, difficultly will only cloud your judgement as one won't be able to concentrate.

We really have to do or engage in activities that will add to us positivity. I really got inspired reading this piece.


I wish other people had properly read and thought about this post as much as you have.
I have tried to help people to be inspired, how to get inspiration, so they can get their posts to go viral. But most just hang onto one word they understand (usually in the introduction) and run with that word in their comment, without reading the whole post, just so they can get an up-vote. And in so doing must the valuable points that would help them!

absolutely right, calm atmosphere will facilitate our minds to do our activities


The point is, that lovely calm peaceful atmosphere allows the Holy Spirit to help and guild us.

I'm ready

Yeah I am always ready @arrguru and your all inspiration post I am still participate and always agree with you actually I get knowledge from inspiration post ..@artguru you continue your post and I am always waiting your valuable content..

Your @goviral tag post so very much informative and I like to capture knowledge and I want to that all people get to inspire from your valuable content..

Sir, I liked your post giving you a lot of good pictures so I was surprised to see your post.
Upvote and resteemit done sir 👌

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there are so many of us who fail in talent, to become no longer focused on that talent, of course talent is important to us


I withdrew the word talent because everyone has copied you.
Did you actually read the whole post? And find out what it really was about?

Great post 👍.
Thanks for sharing this post.
I like it this post..
I appreciate your valuable post..
Upvote and resteemit done sir 👌

talent is certainly a thing that needs to be owned and we must fix it early

Very inspiring writing. What a very good suggestion. Thank you , my friend.

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I am very grateful, it turns out that this post has piqued my enthusiasm in talent

I was lacking behind a long time ago in time of my ability performance. But not untill i give inspiration to myself and challenge myself to do better. Since then, i have been doing great

I love this post :) and thank you for writing it. It has especially helped me today as my mind has been super full of many thoughts as it is a busy period for me right now!

I really like the steps 1-6 you have listed. Nature therapy is the best for our minds :) sunlight really helps us become motivated, active, and positive/clear minded :)

Very true. Inspiration is a gift from God.. I want this gift so badly:))

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