Seasteading: From Experimental Government To Climate Change Solutions

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Could seasteading be an eco-friendly and innovative solution for coastal regions that are concerned about the future impact of climate change?

The prospect of seasteading was first introduced several years ago as a possible alternative that would provide for the perfect environment to experiment with new forms of government. But the idea of floating-cities is one which is gaining interest now in different ways, especially with those who are looking for a practical solution to what they see as major climate change issues to be faced in the future.

“There’s a radical change in the approach, which is why we’re doing this with the United Nations,... The approach is, what is it the countries are actually asking for and what are the needs—as opposed to, ‘We would like to build floating infrastructure because we have this philosophy,’ and seeing if the countries will let us in.”- Marc Collins, co-founder of Oeanix and Blue Frontiers.

Recently, a non-profit known as Oceanix, along with a group of other seasteading investors, have unveiled their idea for a floating city of the future to the United Nations. They're calling it Oceanix City.

A great deal of the population in global cities are vulnerable to rising sea levels, they suggest, and their hope is that seasteading could provide the solution.

A future with zero-waste and self-sustaining floating cities?

That's what one group of architects, builders, and designers, known as BIG, has proposed. They hope that the islands would be able to grow whatever it is that they need right there on the property, being able to sustain their own needs. Ideally, the island cities would be prefabricated at an onshore location and then towed to another location when ready.

The small-scale prototype floating island that is already being built could reportedly be ready within just a few months.

United Nations officials have allegedly welcomed the idea and have alleged that they've been looking to adapt and think ahead to solve what problems they've prioritized for the organization.

The first floating city in the world was expected to be a cluster of Islands that was being constructed in a French Polynesian lagoon, after a memorandum of understanding was signed back in 2017 to get the project off the ground with the Seasteading Institute. And one of the entrepreneurs behind Oceanix happens to be a former French Polynesian politician, Marc Collins, who actually founded the organization. Collins had been the former minister of tourism.

In 2018, the French Polynesian government reneged on their agreement for the first cluster of floating islands and the memorandum of understanding with the Seasteading Institute has expired. However, the Seasteading Institute is still allegedly in discussions with the French Polynesian government, as well as other states, about the prospect of seeing this project through.



It's definitely an interesting idea... the idea of clustered town/city units like this are more appealing to me than the every person is their own floating island-nation principle I've previously seen associated with seasteading. I can appreciate the suspicion of anything centralized, but let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater...

if only it were voluntary centralization 🌈...drastic, I know 👍😂 😂

One of my favorite examples is Farmer's Markets. It's basically a pain in the rear to travel to 17 small farms to shop for groceries... not feasible. The Farmer's market "centralizes" the individual shopping experience... PLUS the farmers benefit from putting their produce in front of a much larger audience who come there because they know the selection will be better.

The challenge is coming up with similar "half-way points" across many different industries.

if only we didn't set the bar so low and instead aimed for those peaceful and creative solutions 😃


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