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Today let's talk about a major player in the war on families. Catching, government officials in lies takes some research but in the end always comes out.

Introducing Maximus Inc. - a major "cog" of the system

Maximus Inc. is a "consulting" firm if you believe Bloomberg or Rueters. In all honesty it's an outsourcing of jobs that oversees many components of "welfare" in the US, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Ireland.

Maximus Inc. Oversees welfare programs such as, "C.H.I.P (insurance for children for needy families), Title XIX (also known as Medicaid), Ticket to work (also known as welfare to work), child care (in form of subsidies), child welfare (Child protection, eh hem) and lastly but certainly not least child support.

This is startling to learn as most individuals rightly think that DHHS workers are more local to them. Instead governments outsource workers on a contract basis to Maximus while local counties profit. Wow, not even the assholes ripping families apart are safe from outsourcing? The irony, the irony...

Troubled past

Maximus is not the knight in shining armor that the Government Finance Officer Assoc. seems to state. And I quote "Maximus recovers millions of taxpayer dollars annually." The truth is, while that may be accurate statement the truth is it takes $25 tax payer dollars for Maximus to recover $5 (via Title IV-D and child welfare programs). Its not very efficient.

Below are some facts regarding legal issues stemming from this outsourcing.

  • In 2007 The US Federal Government brought action against Maximus seeking $30.5 Million for falsifying Medicaid claims

  • In 2012 Through internal policy audits discovered that a worker in Canada was illegally accessing personal health records of Canadians.

  • In 2013 Maximus employee, Marilyn Beltran was indicted for stealing more than $490,000 from Massachuttes Medicaid program


In 2019, Maximus Inc. Lobbied for (most notable):

  • Guidepost Strategies (Canadian Arm) - $240,000
  • McGuirewoods LLP -$200,000
  • DiNino Assoc. -$90,000
  • Dogwood Strategies - $90,000
  • Mj Simond Co. - $47,000
  • Capitol Hill Partners -$40,000

Totalling $757,000 USD in lobbying to its subsdivisions. In the year 2017-2018 it lobbied $1,491,500 and not to mention that 75% of lobbyists from Maximus previously held Federal Government jobs. The most frequent bill that Maximus lobbied for is H.R 3004 or Kates law. Kates Law passed 06/2017, without ammendment. Its fair to say that the "law" basically criminalizes and attaches "fines" for immigrants that illegally pass the border.


To many this post will be like so what? Think about the implications this has legally, also that a "consulting" agency has worldwide reach.. that contracts a FLPS ( location service used by Gov, which is ran against Soc Security Number), that handles sensitive information that can and often is exploited. That runs so inefficiently that it actually costs taxpayers more to operate rather than the cost to support our neighbor.

This global arm is lobbying to keep its partner agencies in big business, ripping families apart, "enforcing" non-custodial parents. If this major arm was to go down the shitter where it belongs one should wonder if states would collapse the entire monetization of family nucleus. One could wonder. (Something to work towards).

ps: if you follow my legal guide(s) note that it's only half of what you need. This was intentionally done to thwart copy and pasters, mindless zombies, plagarists alike.



Funny how everything goes back to money...or rather the love of money. Thanks for sharing.

Agreed, thanks for leaving a comment.

It is more likely that the govern-cement will... go into obscurity and Maximus will continue.

Corporations are growing bigger than govern-cements, and will at some point, just ignore them.

We are entering a time of corporate rule.
(it will only last a maximum of 99 years)

Great reply, thanks for sharing thoughts.. it seems to me that corporate rule started in 1861. And that federal takeover of corporate enterprise has ramped up since 1930's. Great response. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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