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Your comics are really funny and right to the point, which is good for me because I have a very short attention span!!


Comicbew... Great for people with ADD

Don't tell me spoilers, haven't watched 2 episode yet


Don't worry. No spoilers this week.


Hi @comicbew I've written an article about you, Check it out if you can, thanks.

30 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 24th July 2017

Got spoilers used to be lucrative.

hahaha Just when I was about to watch episode 2 I saw your post rofl. GOT FOREVER!!

hehe! Feel ya'!

hahaha nice

Wow awesome ...

I gotta board the GoT hype train for real now.


GoT hype > Crypto hype


I can't wait to watch the new season!

hahaha.......same for me here, that's why I am in Steemit....LoL

Lol everyone talks about game of thrones all the time...I feel so out of the loop.

Only for an hour though.. :)


lol nice. how was it today? I am gonna watch later.


Why watch later when you can watch it now?


I am at work.

I like to put it on pause and take breaks just to stretch it out. This post actually reminds me I'm on one of those breaks! YAY MORE THRONES!

I am impressed with you .. thanks information.semoga we can be friends well .. follow me @riansteem

Only a few weeks before this season ends again :(

I always record and watch it the next day but last week people at work spoiled it for me so I decided to watch tonight .

Not one single episode I have it really worth all the fuss?


Ya. It is


You won't regret it

Good one.


Good one

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Look at the family of Got, Find all the characters belongs to their nations.

That's how I feel when my Netflix series come to an end. Lol

@mynameisbrian but mynameisima :D
nice to meet you

Will the dragons burn whitewalkers? That's the question.

I can relate to that ;)

Well I still haven't seen tonight's episode but from the looks of this comic strip, I really hope not another starke died.