Talk about laugh 'til you cry, that's what we did after I pulled out the bag of #googlyeyes and told everyone to use their imaginations and place some eyes around.

Well it started with my daughter Erica putting big eyes on her dogs butt.
That was all it took for my grandson to catch on . We had these stupid eyes everywhere, funny stuff.


Those are the moments they’ll remember forever. I would’ve put a pair on the toilet seat or the toilet paper roll. Haha…

Why didn't I think of that, the toilet paper, maybe that would help alleviate my fear of running out of that all important roll.😏

Or least it would do is bring the husbands eye roll in the bathroom with you as you yell out “hunny, we need more toilet paper”. Haha

No worries, picked up a 20 roll case yesterday.hehe

...cause everything is better with googly eyes!

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